❶ New Year's Image: Tips For Creating An Image

❶ New Year's Image: Tips For Creating An Image
❶ New Year's Image: Tips For Creating An Image

Video: ❶ New Year's Image: Tips For Creating An Image

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New Year's image: tips for creating an image
New Year's image: tips for creating an image

New Year is approaching. On this magical night, almost every girl wants to look irresistible, to be admired by others, so that she can feel like a princess. But many are sure that creating a New Year's image requires quite significant costs. And this is not at all true. Having imagination and a small set of cosmetics will help you create an unusual look. Location: Location: The coming 2012 is the year of the Black Water Dragon. And this creature does not tolerate boredom and nondescriptness, so your image should be vivid and memorable. In makeup, you can use golden, silver, blue shades. But if you want to make a more delicate image, then use pale pink colors for the make-up.

Makeup in purple shades will be relevant this night. It is done very quickly and easily. Pre-clean the skin to remove dead skin particles. Otherwise, cosmetic products will lie unevenly.

After that, moisturize your face, neck, décolleté. Allow the cream to absorb, remove excess with a paper towel. Apply makeup base to face and under the chin. It will even out the complexion, mask minor skin imperfections. Problem areas can be masked with a corrector. Then apply a translucent foundation or powder in a natural shade to keep your skin looking glowing, soft and healthy.

Accentuate the upper eyelid with a purple, blue, or aqua line pencil. Using a large brush, lightly apply the shadow over the entire lid. They can be lilac, amethyst, plum and other shades. Also accentuate the lower eyelid with shadow.

Apply 2 to 3 coats of black mascara to lashes. On the cheekbones with a thick brush and with gentle movements, put a little soft pink blush. You can use a blush with shimmery particles.

Accentuate your lips. You can use a neutral shade of gloss or an active color lipstick. The makeup is ready.

Now you need to take care of the outfit. You can choose clothes to match your makeup. For example, a purple dress in a rich shade will bring the image into a single whole. But you can choose another color: red, green, blue, turquoise or gold will look great on this night.

The silhouette can be absolutely any dress. If you like a strict and sophisticated style, then A-silhouette, Greek style, sheath dress will suit you best. Or you can come up with a fabulous, fantasy image. For example, you can come up with an outfit in the form of a mermaid tail, after all, 2012 is the year of the water Dragon. You can choose things in a retro style, asymmetric cut.

If we talk about fabrics, then preference should be given to light, flowing materials: silk, satin, satin. You can wear a velvet outfit.

To make the dress even more beautiful and magical, embroider it with sequins, bugles, beads, rhinestones, sparkles. New Year's Eve is probably the only time when there are never too many sparkles and decorations.

And you don't have to buy a new dress or suit, you just need to revise your wardrobe. Perhaps you will find something that you forgot about, but that can be a great New Year's outfit.

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