❶ How To Keep Your Neck Skin Young

❶ How To Keep Your Neck Skin Young
❶ How To Keep Your Neck Skin Young

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How to keep your neck skin young
How to keep your neck skin young

Today, plastic surgery has made it much easier to keep your face young. What can not be said about the skin of the neck, which, like the hands, reveals the most important secret of a woman - her age. Location: Location: Skin elasticity is lost due to the fact that the subcutaneous muscle (platysma) is composed of fine fibers, and they cannot be developed, pumped and trained. However, you can keep the skin in good shape. According to cosmetologists, the first signs of aging appear at the age of 25-30. And, although they are almost invisible, they are already there.

There are several simple ways to help keep your neck skin looking youthful:

• Avoid sleeping on a high pillow (it’s better to do without it at all). Keeping your neck closed all the time is also harmful (covering it with scarves, scarves), as this dries up and loses its tone faster.

• When taking a shower, you should always massage the neck and décolleté. And you need to do it with a strong jet of water. Then take a contrast shower.

Recommendations for the care of neck and décolleté skin

For these areas, do not use the same cream as for the face. Moreover, one should not be tempted if the skin of the face is oily. Cream for such skin will dry out the already dry skin of the neck even more. Today there are many different creams that are recommended specifically for the skin of the neck and décolleté. They should not be neglected. As a rule, they come with care tips and massage instructions.

In order to moisturize your skin, you can do the following home treatments:

Oatmeal mask. Grind the oatmeal with a blender. Add a little milk (or cream) and ½ teaspoon of butter (apricot, olive or almond). The resulting mass should be applied to the skin of the neck and décolleté, wrapped in a diaper and then with a towel. Keep it on for about 20 minutes. The oatmeal mask provides good nutrition to the skin.

Mask on egg whites. Whisk the whites lightly. Add a drop of honey. Apply the resulting mass to the skin several times (interval 3-5 minutes). After everything dries well, wash off gently with water. Moreover, wash off with your hands so that their movement is only upward. This mask is very useful.

You can use the services of cosmetologists if you do not want to use "grandmother's" methods. These services include:

• Biorevitalization - courses consist of 3-5 injections, based on hyaluronic acid;

• Mesotherapy - courses with the introduction of cocktails based on drugs that include vitamins E and A, antioxidants and minerals.

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