❶ How To Properly Apply The Cream On The Face

❶ How To Properly Apply The Cream On The Face
❶ How To Properly Apply The Cream On The Face

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How to properly apply cream on your face
How to properly apply cream on your face

The skin of the face is able to preserve its beauty and youth for many years, if it is regularly looked after - protected, cleansed and nourished with the help of creams. However, for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, it is important not only to use, but also to apply the cream correctly to the face. Location: Location: In order for the cream to be well absorbed and to bring maximum benefit, it must be applied only to cleansed skin, and care must be taken of both external and internal cleanliness. And for this, regularly free from accumulated toxins and salts with the help of steam baths for the face (on herbs) or a weekly visit to the bath.

It is better to apply nourishing creams 1-1.5 hours before bedtime and 30-40 minutes before going outside. You should not use the face cream right before bed, as it will not have time to be absorbed into the skin and most of it will remain on the pillow. It is also not recommended to apply a greasy layer of cream, especially in the evening. This will lead to the evaporation of moisture from it and the transition of the cream into a thicker consistency that is not able to be absorbed normally, which ultimately will cause skin irritation.

It is better to warm the face cream before use. That is, apply first to the hand or fingertips and only then to the skin. This will relieve the unpleasant cool sensation and prevent vasoconstriction, which interferes with the absorption of the cream. And if you rub it between your fingertips and then apply it to the skin, then it will lie on its surface in an even layer.

It is not recommended to apply the cream to areas where coarse hair has begun to grow, such as over the upper lip and chin. And the use of hormonal creams in this case is generally contraindicated, since they further enhance the vegetation.

It is necessary to distribute the cream over the skin of the face with abrupt and tapping movements of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th fingers. This produces a massage effect, during which the vessels dilate and the blood supply is increased, which promotes optimal absorption of the cream. In no case should the cream be applied with stretching movements.

It is equally important to correctly apply the cream along the lines of the face - from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the bridge of the nose to the wings of the nose, from the wings of the nose in a circular motion to the cheekbones, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner (along the lower eyelid), from the corners of the mouth up to the cheekbones, from the chin along the lower face to the cheekbones, and also from the chin down to the neck.

For very dry skin or after a long break in using the cream several times a day, it is useful to apply a fortified face remedy. And if after applying it to the skin after 20-30 minutes there is no trace of it left, then you can reapply it, but only on the wrinkle area. Then soak the excess cream with a paper towel.

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