❶ Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beauty Secrets

❶ Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beauty Secrets
❶ Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beauty Secrets

Video: ❶ Catherine Zeta-Jones: Beauty Secrets

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: beauty secrets
Catherine Zeta-Jones: beauty secrets

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Hollywood star of the first magnitude, known for the films "Chicago", "The Mask of Zorro", "Trap". At forty-two, Katherine looks amazing, and women around the world are eager to know what the secret of her youth is. Let's try to open the veil of this secret. Location: Location:

The actress claims that the secret of her beauty is very simple. Instead of store cosmetics, Katherine uses homemade products that help her look much younger. Several years ago, Zeta-Jones was named the owner of the most gorgeous hair among Hollywood celebrities. Catherine revealed her secret: it turned out that the actress washes her hair with a mixture of beer and honey, which gives them strength and beauty.

As the star herself admits, the smell of beer slightly embarrasses her, but for the sake of beauty she is ready to make some sacrifices. The aroma disappears quickly, and the effect of the mixture of beer and honey is noticeable for a long time.

In order to properly care for the skin, Zeta-Jones uses a honey scrub with salt. To prepare it, grind a handful of salt, and then stir with honey until porridge. After taking water procedures, treat the body with the resulting scrub, and you will see that it works wonders for the skin.

It is very important to properly care for your face, says Katherine, and for this she uses special masks made from pineapple or strawberry pulp. It is these fruits that have an extensive vitamin complex that perfectly moisturizes and tones.

An important quality for a Hollywood star is the ability to smile beautifully. In order to whiten her teeth qualitatively at home, Catherine Zeta-Jones is sure to be supplemented with an apple after each meal. Dentists support the Hollywood star in this, claiming that the apple is a useful dental cleaner that helps to captivate with its smile.

Catherine Zeta Jones has repeatedly stated that in reality she does not look as flawless as on the screen, since the actress is assisted on the set by a whole staff of assistants (make-up artists, lighting, stylists). But her husband, Michael Douglas, often wants to see her natural, without retouching and makeup, and declares in an interview that Katherine is beautiful every minute in which he contemplates her.

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