❶ How To Choose Mattifying Powder

❶ How To Choose Mattifying Powder
❶ How To Choose Mattifying Powder

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How to choose mattifying powder
How to choose mattifying powder

If you have combination or oily skin, you are probably familiar with the problem of a shiny forehead. And if the skin also sweats, it will be a disaster. Only you should know that active sebaceous glands can be tamed. The matting powder will help you with this. Location: Location:

Matting cosmetics are already well known to those people who are forced to constantly struggle with oily and shiny skin. Matting powder, which absorbs excess secretion of the sebaceous glands, will be very useful for those with normal skin. This is especially true in the summer, as well as in cases where it is necessary that the makeup does not "shine" (for example, when taking photos or videos).

Matting powder can be either loose or compact. Loose powder is great for home use. It lays down evenly and softly with a wide brush. And the compact version of the matting powder is convenient for wearing in a handbag and allows you not only to apply, but also to restore makeup.

The matte effect is achieved by narrowing the pores and reducing the production of sweat and sebum. The powder remains on the surface of the face, preventing the release of oil and sweat, and also absorbing any secretions that have leaked out. I would like to note that along with this convenient and beneficial effect, the matting powder also has sunscreen and antibacterial (not always, true, but often).

When choosing a matting powder, pay attention to its quality and composition. If the powder is coarse-grained and contains rice flour or corn starch, then it not only makes a mask out of the face, but also dries the skin, causing clogging of the pores. And this negatively affects the appearance of the facial skin. A good powder, on the contrary, becomes an indispensable part of any women's cosmetic bag.

In addition to the special matting powder, there is also a mineral powder that also tightens pores and absorbs oil and sweat. Mineral powder is absolutely hypoallergenic and versatile. True, mineral makeup gives off a satin shimmer on the face.

Consider choosing the right shade of mattifying powder. And do not forget that in winter and summer, different shades of matting powder are required. Otherwise, your face will contrast with your arms and neck and also look unnatural. It is better to test the color of the powder in a well-lit place to get the most complete picture of how the given color of the powder will fall on your face.

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