❶ Secrets Of Bronze Skin Of Stars

❶ Secrets Of Bronze Skin Of Stars
❶ Secrets Of Bronze Skin Of Stars

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Secrets of the bronze skin of stars
Secrets of the bronze skin of stars

The gorgeous tan of show business stars shining on the carpets attracts the attention of millions of people. The secrets of the bronze skin of singers, actresses and other celebrities are not hidden in sunbathing. Location: Location: The fashion for solariums and many hours of lying in the sun is left behind. Today, stars prefer the safest way to acquire bronze skin - an artificial tan. The sun during a vacation at the sea becomes just an addition to relaxation.

An artificial tan can not only give the skin the perfect shade, but also visually make the figure more slim and fit, lengthen the legs and reduce the waist in volume. Even those who do not travel to seaside resorts for several years in a row have the opportunity to look tanned and rested all year round.

Especially among the stars, such a tan is popular during various ceremonies. The day before them, beauty salons are filled with celebrities who "turn bronze" literally before our eyes. Professionals choose the right shade, and then emphasize the right places with dark strokes - they create visually pumped up abs, toned bust and other body parts that attract photographers standing along the red carpet.

The result of such a tan pleases the owners for a week, then it has to be maintained with the most common self-tanning creams. So, Eva Longoria, known for her beautiful skin tone, is happy to share a secret - the products of L'Oreal Paris. Jennifer Lopez prefers Dior, and the dark-skinned Kardashian sisters have created their own line of cosmetics for self-tanning Kardashian Glamor Tan.

If you decide to create a stellar bronze tan, be sure to cleanse your skin, get rid of dead cells before applying it, and only then gently apply an auto bronzer. Hollywood professionals give a few more recommendations for the best effect. For example, a scrub used before applying a self-tanner should not contain oils - they create a film through which the cream is practically not absorbed.

Before self-tanning, apply some moisturizer to dry skin areas (elbows and knees) and petroleum jelly to cuticles and fingertips. After using the product, collect the excess with a dry foam sponge. Be sure to treat the feet and ears, which, due to carelessness, often remain white in comparison with the whole body.

If you're new to bronzing leather, consider using a cumulative toning cream. This way, you certainly won't go overboard with the shade and become like Christina Aguilera, who is famous for her excessive tan, which has long become orange.

To maintain the effect of bronze skin, be sure to moisturize it daily, try to avoid chlorinated pools and sea bathing.

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