❶ How To Regain Breast Shape After Childbirth

❶ How To Regain Breast Shape After Childbirth
❶ How To Regain Breast Shape After Childbirth

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How to restore breast shape after childbirth
How to restore breast shape after childbirth

The birth of a baby is the most beautiful phenomenon in nature and the most important mission of a woman. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are filled with joy and spiritual euphoria. However, one should not forget about the physical harmony of the female body. And the most insidious enemies in this regard are the appearance of stretch marks and sagging breasts. Location: Location: After giving birth and stopping breastfeeding, there is a high chance of losing the shape of the bust. During pregnancy, the iron increases, during lactation, a constant supply of milk also makes the breasts larger, stretching the skin as much as possible. As a result, after the woman stops breastfeeding, milk is not produced and the mammary gland becomes the same size, the skin is not able to take the "starting position".

The fact is that when stretching, the elasticity of the skin is lost. New cells can appear, but often the existing ones increase several times. This is exactly what happens with rapid weight gain, a sharp increase in shape, which is natural during pregnancy and lactation. However, if you follow some rules, you can minimize the "residual consequences" in the form of ugly stretch marks and sagging breasts.

1.From the earliest stages of pregnancy, a supportive bra should be worn and the size of the underwear should change with the increase in breast size.

2. Constant use of nourishing, emollient creams. Apply the care products with a gentle, light massage.

3. Apply a contrast shower with warm and cool water (taking into account the fact that the breast during this period has increased sensitivity, do not get carried away by sudden changes in temperature).

4. When feeding, if there is a strong lactation, you need to express breast milk more often.

5. Very closely monitor the milk supply in the breast. Carefully consider recipes, folk methods. Sometimes a young mother wants to improve the quality of breast milk for her baby (for example, an increase in fat content, mineralization, vitaminization, etc.). And all the tips are used, including those aimed at adding milk, which is not necessary.

And lastly, if stretch marks do appear, you need to start cosmetic procedures as soon as possible, use special preparations to eliminate this deficiency. An early start of treatment guarantees a more effective and faster result. And when the milk has stopped flowing, you can immediately start gymnastics using dumbbells, push-ups, chest muscle simulators. A few months of regular exercise will help restore tone and acquire a beautiful fit.

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