❶ How To Shape Eyebrows

❶ How To Shape Eyebrows
❶ How To Shape Eyebrows

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How to shape eyebrows
How to shape eyebrows

There are many opinions about the purpose of eyebrows on a person's face. For example: they protect the eyes from perspiration. But if you look at it from an artistic point of view, then the eyebrows can be called a kind of eye frame. Correctly and neatly shaped eyebrows will only emphasize the beauty of the face, make it expressive and attractive. Location: Location: Frequent plucking of the eyebrows can lead to a violation of their shape or to the fact that the hair will stop growing in this place at all - these are irreparable problems.

Eyebrows are the most essential element of a woman's face; your image depends on their shape. Therefore, it is very important to know how to properly shape the eyebrows and make them well-groomed.

Main rules

1. Eyebrows should not be connected at the bridge of the nose, it is not beautiful, the face becomes rough.

2. Eyebrows should not overpower other facial features, that is, they should not dominate, because eyebrows are just the framing of the eyes. Long, smooth and gracefully arched eyebrows are considered to be the most beautiful. They are slightly wider at the nose and the width does not change up to the upper point of the bend, the eyebrows taper towards the ends at the temples.

Basic tools:

- tweezers with flat ends, - stiff eyebrow brush, - eyebrow pencil - black and white, - small mirror, - good lighting.

How to shape eyebrows

1. Apply a black eyebrow pencil to the face from the bridge of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, the point of intersection of the pencil and the eyebrow will be the starting point. Mark this point for yourself with a pencil. Do the same for the second eyebrow. Remove excess hairs between the marked points.

2. With the pencil to your face, connect the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, the point of intersection with the eyebrow is the end of the eyebrow. This point should also be noted.

3. From the corner of the lips through the pupil mentally draw a line and put a point - this is the bending point of the eyebrow, the highest.

Tweezers and the skin under the eyebrow should be wiped with an alcohol solution. It is better to pluck the eyebrows when the skin is steamed - this will help to avoid irritation.

Put your hand on the table, squeeze the hair at the root with tweezers and pull it in the direction of hair growth, do not jerk it sharply. To make it easier to navigate, paint over everything that you think needs to be removed with a white pencil. You will immediately see what remains.

Start at the inner end of your brow. Pull the hairs out from the inside, try to remove them as little and even as possible. The eyebrow should be narrowed from the middle to the end. Pluck both eyebrows one at a time so as not to break the symmetry. Before plucking a hair, lift and examine it so that there is no empty space in the eyebrow. The distance between the eyebrows should be about 2 fingers wide.

You can tint your eyebrows with a special soft pencil, but you cannot draw a solid line with them, you need to tint individual hairs from the inside out. Then use the eyebrow brush. You can also style your eyebrows with gel - this will give them a shape that will hold perfectly.

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