❶ Bangs Are In Fashion

❶ Bangs Are In Fashion
❶ Bangs Are In Fashion

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Bangs are in fashion
Bangs are in fashion

Bangs are again the fashion trend this season. It is not surprising, because they suit almost any woman. The bangs make you look younger, more mysterious, emphasize the face favorably and go with almost all haircuts. Bangs look good on long and medium length hair, and even short haircuts do not do without bangs at all. Location: Location:

Long thick bangs are of particular relevance, but curly and shortened ones are losing their positions. Despite this, one should not blindly follow the lead of fashion, because it is necessary to cut bangs, taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance.

So, for owners of an elongated or rectangular face and a high forehead, fashionable thick and long bangs will go, but for girls with a triangular face shape, rare profiled bangs are more suitable.

Stylists advise chubby ladies to wear asymmetrical bangs or bangs of different lengths to visually lengthen the face. Depending on the main haircut, even thick bangs may work as well.

For a square face, bangs are light, airy and, best of all, long and asymmetrical. Such a bang will visually bring the shape of the face closer to the oval, help to hide the cheekbones a little. Sparse long bangs that blend into the bulk of the hair will smooth out a heavy chin.

Bangs are the element of a hairstyle that will allow you to always be different. You don't have to wear the same hair every day. Stylists are advised to experiment; pin bangs with interesting clips, remove under a hoop or bezel, lay bangs "a la 90s" - with a high curl. Plus, the bangs grow back very quickly, allowing you to cut them a little differently each time.

It is easy enough to look after fashionable bangs. If you naturally have straight hair, then all you need to do is blow-dry your bangs, twisting it slightly with a comb with a pull down. If you have wavy, unruly hair, you should use a straightening iron. Avoid a lot of styling products as there is a possibility that your hair will look heavy and dirty. To style your bangs, it's best to use styling sprays that don't stick your hair together.

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