How To Weave A Spikelet

How To Weave A Spikelet
How To Weave A Spikelet

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How to weave a spikelet
How to weave a spikelet

"Kolosok" is one of the most comfortable, simple and beautiful weaves. Having mastered the technique, you will be able to braid simple braids, as well as wrap them around your head, make zigzag, oblique, double "spikelets", etc. You will need a flat comb, several "invisibles", an elastic band. Location: Location: Before braiding, prepare your hair by dampening it with a strengthening balm or any styling product that does not stick the hairs together. Comb through your hair well and make sure it does not frizz, lies flat, and will not come loose during braiding.

Separate the main part of the hair - select a strand at a distance of 5-10 centimeters from the forehead, leave the sides free for now. Divide the main strand into three parts and start braiding - cross the right strand with the central part, then the left part with the central strand. Complete one step of the classic braid and stop.

Now you need to add extra tufts of hair from the temples to each side strand. For each successive element of the braid, there is one addition on each side - so braid all the hair.

If you want to wrap the "spikelet" around the head, then change the place where weaving begins - start weaving the pigtail from the right temple, then move down to the back of the head, then change direction and go up to the left temple. You can change the appearance of the spikelet by adding new strands only from the outside.

Two braids, braided with a "spikelet", look beautiful. First, part your hair into two sections, forming a straight parting along the entire length of the head. braid each of the side strands with a "spikelet" - at the end you can connect them or decorate the ends with beautiful elastic bands.

The zigzag spikelet looks original and stylish. Start braiding at the right temple, just above the ear, adding extra strands only from the outside. Complete 5 elements, then turn the weave to the other side and braid 5 more elements, but this time adding strands on the left side. You can change the direction of the braids as long as there is enough hair length. The reverse "spikelet" will give your hairstyle an unusual look, but at the top of the head the hair can be tied in a bun or made a ponytail.

If you change the degree of braid tension, then your "spikelet" will not look so smooth, but the hairstyle will become deliberately careless and touching. Slightly loosen the tension of the strands during weaving, change the size of the elements, deliberately stretching individual strands, breaking the harmony of the lines.

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