❶ How To Draw Arrows

❶ How To Draw Arrows
❶ How To Draw Arrows

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How to draw arrows
How to draw arrows

Arrows make the look more piquant, sexy and sensual. Draw them using various eyeliners and pencils. And in order for the lines to turn out neat and beautiful, you need to know the rules for drawing them and practice a little. Location: Location: Choose an eyeliner product. If you are new to drawing arrows, it is preferable to choose an eyeliner-marker. Its advantage is that when applying the amount of the product does not need to be dosed, and due to this, make-up can be done faster and better.

For those who have already had experience drawing arrows, contour pencils are suitable. They are matte and pearlescent, and in addition, differ in the degree of hardness. Choose soft pencils for rich lines and tint the inside of the eyelid, and hard pencils for crisp and thin ones.

A liquid eyeliner with a brush requires skillful handling. It gives a more intense color and is quite persistent. If you need to do makeup not for yourself, but, for example, for a friend, use an eyeliner in the form of a cream.

Place the mirror on the table and rest your elbow on the surface, so it will be more convenient for you to draw. Start tracing the outline of the arrow from the inner corner of the eye, drawing it as close as possible to the edge of the cilia growth. Keep your eye half open to avoid possible unevenness. To keep the look from looking sad, extend the lash line and lift the tips of the arrows up.

If you want to give your eyes an almond shape, lengthen the outer corners of the eyeliner. With eyes wide apart, bring the inner corners of the upper eyelids as brightly as possible and slightly extend the line to the bridge of the nose, while the outer corners do not need to be brought in.

Narrow eyes can be widened by bringing up the upper eyelid with a wide eyeliner, not too dark. The arrow should not go beyond the corners, otherwise it will visually narrow the eyes even more. To visually lower the corners that make the eyes "slanting", use eyeliner to emphasize the outer corner of the lower eyelid and the inner corner of the upper.

To keep the round eyes from looking bulging, draw thick pencil arrows, shaded to a smoky effect. Remember, the smaller the eyes, the thinner the arrow should be, as black eyeliner visually diminishes them.

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