❶ How To Add Volume To Your Lips

❶ How To Add Volume To Your Lips
❶ How To Add Volume To Your Lips

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How to add volume to your lips
How to add volume to your lips

If nature has not rewarded you with plump lips, this can be corrected without resorting to various injections and other medications. To do this, you need to do special exercises every day and use lip cosmetics correctly. Location: Location: By doing lip exercises, you can make them look more voluminous quickly enough. Just set aside 5 minutes each morning and evening for the following exercises.

Pull your lips forward and place your right index finger on them. And then use your lips to show maximum resistance. Stretch and relax, stretch and relax. Repeat these movements about 50 times.

For another exercise, stretch your lips in the shape of a pipe and begin to draw circles with them. Make about 100 circles to the left and the same to the right.

Then do another exercise. Place the index fingers of both hands on the upper lip, and the thumbs under the lower lip. Pull your relaxed lips forward, separating them from the teeth, and then return to their original position.

Two lipsticks will help you to make your lips voluminous, the shades of which differ from each other by one and a half tones. But first, outline the lips with a contour pencil close in shade to their natural color, and then apply a dark lipstick tone. Blot the center of the lips with a napkin, removing excess lipstick, then paint over it with a lighter shade. Blend the transition boundaries carefully with a brush.

The fastest way to visually increase the volume of lips and make them seductive is to use special pearlescent gloss that enhances blood circulation. This is especially true for rich shades with a shimmering effect.

If you prefer more natural shades of makeup, outline your lips with a light pencil, slightly receding from their contour line, and then shade the lips with the same pencil and apply a transparent gloss.

Among other things, use moisturizing lipsticks, gloss and balms. They prevent moisture loss and smooth wrinkles, thereby adding volume to the lips.

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