❶ Most Common Manicure Mistakes

❶ Most Common Manicure Mistakes
❶ Most Common Manicure Mistakes

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The most common manicure mistakes
The most common manicure mistakes

Manicure is a very important detail of a woman's image. In her attitude to her hands, a lot can be said about her character. However, it happens that a lady, when performing a manicure, makes a number of mistakes on her own, which only harm the nails, completely not making them better. If you want to have a great manicure and healthy manicured nails, avoid the most common nail design mistakes. Location: Location:

Manicure mistakes can cost your nails health. They respond to an incorrectly performed procedure with dryness, brittleness, darkening and stratification. To prevent this, follow these rules.

Never file your nails in different directions. This procedure leads to excessive stratification of the nail plate and can injure it. As a result of careless filing, microcracks appear, through which dust is clogged into the pores of the nail. And it, in turn, can lead to the intensive development of nail fungus, which is very, very difficult to recover from.

Also, one of the mistakes when performing a manicure is the incorrect use of nail polish remover. It should not contain acetone. It is best to choose the one that contains various vitamins, herbs and oils that have a beneficial effect on the condition of nails and cuticles.

When creating a manicure, you should not make such a common mistake as leaving the cuticle. After all, then the hands will look untidy and not well-groomed. A prerequisite is a steam bath. After that, you can deal with the cuticle - gently push it back with a stick with a rubber hoof. But you should not cut off the excess skin yourself. After all, it protects the root space of the nail from bacteria and various dirt. And if you miss and accidentally cut off the excess, then you run the risk of letting microbes and bacteria under your feet.

Never apply varnish without using a base agent. It dries out the nails too much, spoils their color, adding yellowness to them, and turns them into very brittle.

Also, you should not leave old nail polish for a long time. It does not allow the nail plate to fully "breathe", thereby injuring it and creating ideal conditions for the development of various microorganisms.

If you follow these simple rules, your nails will always delight you with their healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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