❶ Bad Advice On How To Look Older

❶ Bad Advice On How To Look Older
❶ Bad Advice On How To Look Older

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Bad advice on how to look older
Bad advice on how to look older

Don't like your reflection in the mirror? Do you think that your colleagues look like interesting adult women with an unusual destiny, and against their background you are just a provincial mouse with a naive look? This is fixable. Follow these tips and you can easily add yourself a decade or two. Well, colleagues will be grateful, because your freshness confuses them a little. Location: Location:

Bangs, short tousled hair and blonde hair are young and frivolous! Slicked-back raven hair will add seriousness and plus five years.

Make-up in dark tones has proven itself very well in the honorable cause of adding age to oneself. A dense foundation and a tanned powder applied to it will emphasize all wrinkles, because they indicate an intense emotional component of your life. Tanning helps a lot, a woman with a “grilled chicken” skin color will never go unnoticed. Against this background, brown lipstick in the afternoon and wine-red in the evening look amazing and add another three years. And don't forget the intense black lashes.

If you want to look older, stop monitoring your eyebrows. After 30 years, the eyebrows begin to grow more actively. Therefore, overgrown, matted hairs will bring you closer to the cherished ideal.

Is it a shame that an outrageously young face is still looking at you after removing makeup from the mirror? Don't be discouraged, with so much makeup, it won't last long. But if you still want drastic measures, just don't wash off your makeup. Especially at night. And sleep less. Physiologists say that during sleep, regeneration processes are twice as fast. So don't give youth this chance!

Photoaging is a wonderful thing! Expose your pale skin to the sun, no sunscreen or sunglasses. At the same time, try to close your eyes tightly so that light wrinkles stand out more clearly against the background of tanned skin. If you are lucky, you will also develop age spots. By the way, in winter you can also surrender to the power of the all-powerful ultraviolet radiation. The sun's rays reflected from the snow sting no less than in summer. Strengthen the effect of natural UV light by artificial. The solarium is what the doctor ordered. And as often as possible!

Do you still look young? Even though tanned skin is shamelessly elastic and fresh? Need to drink less! Not in the sense that you thought! Eat as little moisture, plain water, and green tea as possible. Very soon, your skin will become loose and dry. But alcohol is welcome! Especially red wine. Thanks to the active use of "merlot" and strong coffee, you can acquire spectacular spider veins on your cheeks and chin. If you take drinks internally only through a straw, then small wrinkles quickly form around your lips, adding additional years. Don't worry, they are very difficult to get rid of, even surgically. The same effect is provided by a faithful companion - a cigarette! Smokers look much older than their years, not only because of the exquisitely gray complexion, but also because of the numerous wrinkles around the lips.

What else? Be sure to use lifting creams. If you want to look older, then the cosmetics must be appropriate. Scrubs with large granules used daily are also good. The skin will very quickly get tired of restoring the lipid barrier, and you will get closer to your cherished goal.

Forget your athletic figure and proud posture. Where have you seen old women with straight backs and straight shoulders? Slouch, hide your chest and lower your head lower. And sweet buns and spicy fatty foods will bring your figure to perfection.

And the final touch is the hands. It is your hands that give away your true age. So from now on, forget about rubber gloves when doing homework. Hand cream is also overkill. Forget the manicure, it's useless. It is enough to paint your nails with bright varnish.

That's all! The desired result has been achieved. Now nobody will give you 18 years old. Rather give way to the subway. But isn't that what you were aiming for?

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