❶ Hair Removal At Home: Try Different Options

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❶ Hair Removal At Home: Try Different Options
❶ Hair Removal At Home: Try Different Options

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Home epilation: try different options
Home epilation: try different options

Excess body hair sometimes does not look aesthetically pleasing. This is especially inappropriate in the summer, when you want to wear light clothes that reveal as many parts of the body as possible. There are various methods that can be used to solve the problem, many of which are available at home. Location: Location: There are several approaches to removing unwanted hair. Depilation removes only the superficial part of the hair, so the skin loses its smoothness as early as 3-4 days. When epilating, the hair is removed entirely along with the hair follicle, so that the skin remains smooth for up to 2 weeks.

For each area of ​​the body, as well as depending on the sensitivity of the skin, different methods of hair removal are used. To find your ideal one, try several methods.

Hair depilation products

The most famous depilatory is the shaving machine. It is most often used to remove hair in the armpits, in the bikini area, on the face, where there is very sensitive skin. Therefore, it is more convenient there to shave off hair more often, but less painful than removing it by the root.

Use a good shaving cream with your razor. This will improve glide and protect the skin from damage. Use after shave balm to relieve irritation after the procedure. You can also use lotions and creams that slow down hair growth.

If shaving causes severe irritation, such as in the bikini area or on the face, you can use a depilatory cream. It should be applied in a thick layer to the desired area of ​​the body for 15-20 minutes, but not more. The cream eats away at the outer part of the hair and can then be easily removed with a plastic spatula.

Hair removal at home

Wax is very popular for hair removal at home. These can be store-bought wax strips or cosmetic wax used hot or warm.

The wax is heated and applied to the skin in the desired area. A tissue plate is placed on top, smoothed and removed with a quick motion against hair growth. The procedure is painful, but very effective.

An analogue of wax epilation can be called shugaring. With this method, caramel is cooked, which is subsequently used for hair removal. The softened ball of caramel is applied to the body area, smoothed, reaching the hair sticking into the mass, and then removed against hair growth.

Hair along with the bulb can also be removed with tweezers. It is convenient to use this method on the face to remove individual hairs, to pluck eyebrows.

A faster and more practical replacement for tweezers is electrolysis. For this, an epilator is used - a device with a rotating head, on which there are many tweezers (usually 16-32). The epilation procedure is painful enough only the first time. If you do it constantly, the skin gets used and you stop feeling severe pain.

To use the epilator, the hair must be about 5 mm long, otherwise the tweezers will not be able to grab them. After the first epilation, new hair does not appear at the same time, but in small quantities, so the smoothness of the skin remains for a long time.

Recently, laser and photoepilation devices have become available for home use. You can try these methods in a beauty salon to decide whether to buy one at home.

Try different at home hair removal methods to find your hair removal painless.

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