❶ Cold Hair Extension

❶ Cold Hair Extension
❶ Cold Hair Extension

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Cold hair extensions
Cold hair extensions

The method of hair extension without thermal exposure is called cold. This technology was invented in Spain, therefore it is also called "Spanish hair extension". What are the features of this method? Location: Location:

In the cold method of hair extension, a special glue is used to attach the strands. At the junction, a very small capsule is obtained.

A small disadvantage of this method is that the capsules, upon final drying, acquire a whitish tint. In this regard, this type of extension is most suitable for fair-haired. On dark hair, the capsules may be visible.

The joint is secure enough so the hair is not combed out. You can even use your usual hair care products - masks, balms, conditioners, since they are not at all harmful to the glue capsules.

There is one more technology of cold hair extensions - extensions with metal beads. Used beads the size of a bead. With the help of a special hook, the strands of hair are passed through the hole of the bead and squeezed with tweezers.

With this method of extension, the hair is not exposed to either thermal or chemical effects. A significant disadvantage is that with this method of fixing the strands, the hair can be combed out quite strongly.

On average, hair extensions may not require correction for two to five months. However, this period is very individual, so it is better to ask the master when you should come to him again.

It should be borne in mind that your own hair falls out every day - this is a normal process of hair renewal. Usually they are simply combed out at the time of combing, but with hair extensions, they linger in the capsule, as they are securely fixed there.

This factor contributes to the rapid tangling of hair. It must be remembered that this must not be overlooked, otherwise the hairstyle will become unattractive. You can deal with this on your own, or with the help of a specialist.

Although the hair extension procedure is cosmetic, there are still cases when it is better to refuse it: if you are prescribed chemotherapy treatment, if you take strong antibiotics, if your own hair is lost, if you have scalp problems, and if you are younger than 16-17 years of age.

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