❶ How To Choose Your Scent

❶ How To Choose Your Scent
❶ How To Choose Your Scent

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How to choose your scent
How to choose your scent

There is no specific recipe regarding the choice of perfumes and cannot be. And making your own choice from a huge variety of different brands, which are striving with all their might to win recognition, is not easy enough. Location: Location: It is not in vain that psychologists draw a parallel between the choice of aroma and the character of a person. People most often choose a perfume for themselves intuitively, and their favorite scent reflects how a person perceives himself, how he wants to appear or be.

If you have no preferences at all or you do not know what to start from, you can view advertisements for perfume in magazines and catalogs. This will explain the nature of the perfume (natural or sophisticated, modest or expressive, romantic or sporty, cool or sensual, oriental, fruity, floral, etc.) and help determine the direction of the search.

Arriving at a perfume salon, consult the seller on which shelves you can find the product you are interested in (oriental, floral aromas, etc.). Pay attention to the name of the product, its bottle, packaging. Since the content and form are in harmony as usual, these actions will be able to suggest the character of the given scent. Now inhale the scent of several of your chosen perfume in turn.

It is very helpful to take a handful of roasted coffee beans with you to the store. Because after several different compositions, your nose will refuse to understand all the nuances of perfume bouquets. And the smell of coffee will bring your olfactory apparatus back to normal.

Sprinkle a few blotters (sniffing papers) with your chosen compositions. Be sure to sign the strips of paper in accordance with the names of the perfume. Take your trophy home and inhale the scent from each tester for several days. In the end, you will stop at one single scent.

In addition, you can find out the name of the perfume company or the name of the designer who created this perfume. After all, if you previously liked another perfume of the same brand, there is a high probability that you will also like the new product. New perfumes, most likely, will please you if they remind a little of the scents you know and love before.

It is a matter of choice to use ultra-fashionable perfume that you don't like even a little. But obviously, using such scents will destroy your personality and irritate you. After all, the scent of eau de toilette or perfume is like a second skin.

Do not forget that the same perfume is perceived differently in different people. Therefore, it is undesirable to blindly follow the advice of your friends and acquaintances. It is best to put a few drops of perfume on your wrist (most salons provide this opportunity) and walk like that for a while. Then it will become clear to you whether this is your perfume or not.

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