❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair

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❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair
❶ How To Lighten Dark Hair

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How to lighten dark hair
How to lighten dark hair

If you have naturally dark hair color, and you certainly want to be blonde, but you think that this is impossible, then you are mistaken. In fact, in order to become blonde, you just need to use hydrogen peroxide, and you are provided with light curls. Location: Location:

You will need

- water

- perhydrol

- liquid soap

- ammonium bicarbonate

Hydrogen peroxide of varying saturation is traditionally used to lighten hair. The concentration of the solution is determined based on the desired color and characteristics of the hair. During the dyeing process, the hair pigment is oxidized by oxygen released from the peroxide and becomes colorless.

Do not wash your dark hair before lightening it. The natural layer of oil will protect the scalp and hair.

Always wear gloves before the staining procedure.

Prepare a solution. Its amount depends on the thickness and length of the hair. For hair of medium length, 50-60 g of solution will be enough.

The most common solution for lightening hair consists of 30 g of water, 40 g of perhydrol, 20 g of liquid soap and a teaspoon of ammonium bicarbonate. Liquid soap is added to make the solution thicker. Do not add shampoos to the composition, as they contain components that inhibit the lightening process.


Make a solution with some margin, so that later you do not interrupt work to prepare a new portion. In this case, the hair may be colored unevenly.

Use glass, enamel or plastic containers to prepare the solution.

To lighten thick hair, use 8-12% peroxide solution, medium - 6-12%, thin - 4-8%.

Immediately before coloring, carefully lubricate the forehead near the hair with petroleum jelly or a fat cream.


Use a synthetic bristle brush to color your hair.


Apply the solution to your hair starting at the back of your head.


If you are lightening your hair for the first time, first apply the solution to the ends and then to the roots. This will give you an even color over the entire length of your hair.


To lighten regrown roots, apply the composition only to the hair roots, try not to get on already colored hair.


Remember that red hair is quite difficult to lighten.


You can lighten dark hair by 3-4 tones at a time.


To avoid damaging the scalp, lighten your hair at weekly intervals.

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