❶ Cupping Massage At Home

❶ Cupping Massage At Home
❶ Cupping Massage At Home

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Cupping massage at home
Cupping massage at home

A fairly common and effective procedure in the fight against osteochondrosis and cellulite is considered to be cupping massage, which has an effect on blood circulation, improving the circulation of blood, lymph and interstitial fluid, produces a resorbing and analgesic effect. Cupping massage at home is a procedure available to everyone. Location: Location: Cupping massage is recognized worldwide as the most effective anti-cellulite remedy. This is explained by the fact that the vacuum that occurs during the procedure has a destructive effect on the fat capsules. Massage with cans will help even people suffering from sciatica, osteochondrosis and salt deposits. Also, massage has a beneficial effect in the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia and other colds accompanied by coughing.

At home, you can massage using both ordinary glass jars of small capacity, and special silicone and plastic jars that do not require heating. First you need to properly warm up the skin with kneading and rubbing movements. If you want to thereby get rid of cellulite, then it is recommended to apply a scrub to problem areas of the body, massage and rinse. Then lubricate the areas with massage oil and go directly to the cupping massage.

During the first procedure, you should not install the jar so that the skin is pulled into it more than one and a half centimeters. If you do not follow this recommendation, you may expect unpleasant bruises. Once the can is in place, move it smoothly and continuously over your body. The technique includes spiraling, zigzagging and rectilinear movements.

In case of osteochondrosis of the thoracic part, can massage is performed at home as follows: move the can with sliding movements from the lower back up to the cervical vertebra. Pay special attention to the paraverbal zones, which are three centimeters from the vertebral processes. Move the jar in straight upward strokes so that a fold forms in front of it. Move downward without effort.

With colds, massage is carried out from the back - from the lower parts of the shoulder blades, and then from the xiphoid process of the chest to the shoulders. Thanks to this massage, phlegm begins to drain, body temperature decreases, and breathing normalizes. After completing the procedure, wrap the patient with a blanket.

Cupping massage for cellulite is done mainly in the areas of the muscles of the thigh and buttocks (you can do it yourself). During the procedure, fat cells are mechanically ruptured, and you should not feel any discomfort. If you feel pain, you should loosen the grip of the can, since the areas affected by cellulite do not tolerate strong squeezing.

The duration of the massage with cups is approximately 5-10 minutes for each problem area. Better to start with the minimum time, gradually increasing the duration by two minutes for each procedure. Anti-cellulite massage should be carried out with a break of two days. Alternating it with manual massage with a brush, it gives simply great results. The standard course is 10-12 procedures.

There are contraindications for cupping massage:

- the presence of birthmarks and a large number of moles;

- fairly low pain thresholds;

- acute infections;

- internal and external tumors of various origins;

- tendency to allergies and increased skin sensitivity;

- skin inflammatory diseases;

- tuberculosis;

- poor blood clotting;

- varicose veins in the places of massage.

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