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❶ Be Like A Star
❶ Be Like A Star

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Be like a star
Be like a star

Every woman, deep in her soul, dreams of being like a celebrity. But few of them think that the stars are exactly the same people as we are. The rhythm of life makes them not only beautiful, but also healthy people. Location: Location:

Health depends a lot on sleep. The famous French actress and world star, renowned by Sofia Loren, believes that attention should be paid to sleep no more than five hours a day. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer feels truly rested only after twelve hours of sleep. Record holders of extremes include such celebrities as Margaret Thatcher, who gets enough sleep in four hours, and Senora Penelope Cruz, about fifteen hours a day of sound sleep.

You can argue for a long time, but this scheme is individual, and each woman should be judged by her own individual well-being. Imagine what would happen if a woman who by nature should sleep ten hours, wanting to be like the star of Sophia Lauren, sleeps like her for five hours? Doctors, in turn, recommend sleeping no more than eight hours a day. This time is quite enough for a normal human body.

If we talk about sports, here literally all the stars are of the same mind. They all say with one voice that this is undoubtedly useful and necessary. For example, the stars of the popular TV series "Univer" on TNT, Rubtsova and Kozhevnikova, go to the pool every day. They claim that swimming is the most ideal exercise machine for a woman's figure. Do you want to be like these stars? Visit the pool!

The legendary Madonna gives great preference to dancing. Dances, according to her, keep the whole body in good shape and charge with positive energy, which she then throws out at concerts. Maybe this is the secret of the star's success? Try it. Many stars like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are fond of dancing.

Yoga is popular among many stars. Courteney Cox and Meg Ryan do it about three times a week.

There are unusual secrets of female beauty among the stars. For example, Pamela Andersen restored her own body after childbirth using Shea butter. She regularly rubbed it into her stellar body several times a day. Do you want to be like a star? Do the same!

Cindy Crawford, an unearthly model, is very fond of milk. But she doesn't drink it. The whole secret is that she sprinkles it on her face using a spray bottle. Well, the famous and breathtaking "black panther" Naomi Campbell owes her alluring, velvety skin to her creator, but add to everything and the peeling that she does regularly.

Of course, stars, like ordinary women, have their own beauty secrets. And to become like a star, you can do without expensive cosmetologists.

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