❶ How To Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

❶ How To Do Your Own Wedding Makeup
❶ How To Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

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How to do your wedding makeup yourself
How to do your wedding makeup yourself

The bride is the star of the wedding evening. The eyes of all those present will be riveted to her. Therefore, she must look perfect. Before the celebration, you should think over all the makeup elements. It is not at all necessary to visit a salon to perform a wedding make up. You can make it at home. The main thing is not to overdo it with cosmetics. Location: Location: To do the wedding makeup herself is a task quite capable of any bride. But, in order not to rush and not make mistakes, it is worth taking about two hours to apply it.

It is better to apply cosmetics on thoroughly cleansed skin. An alcohol-free toner will do just fine.

After the skin is cleansed, a light day cream should be applied to it in a thin layer. For dry skin, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer.

The next step is to work with a concealer. This is a concealer pencil that will hide the presence of dark circles, vascular spots and minor skin rashes.

The key to high-quality makeup is a properly selected and applied foundation. When choosing a foundation, you need to build on the color of the skin on the décolleté, this will help to avoid mistakes in choosing a tone. Apply the product with light strokes, carefully shading. An inaccurately applied foundation looks unnatural, like a mask. If the product is not a cream powder, then after applying the cream, cover it with a layer of powder, and remove the excess with a brush.

When the base is created, you can move on to eye makeup. It is better to choose an evening make-up option, since expressive, well-defined eyes are simply indispensable for a photo shoot.

Expressive arrows and eyeliner are allowed, both for the lower and upper eyelids. It is necessary to choose waterproof mascara so that weather events and an uninvited tear do not spoil the holiday. Eyeshadow can be applied to the eyelids, although this is not required. But if you still choose the option with shadows, then you need to carefully choose a shade that matches the color of the eyes. Blue-eyed brides should opt for gray and lavender. Newlyweds with mysterious green eyes may prefer emerald-colored eyeshadows with gilding or turquoise. Brown-eyed, to emphasize the beauty of their eyes, you should choose shades of olive or chestnut color, combining them with eyeliner "under gold".

Smoky eyes make-up, despite all its spectacularity and beauty, is better to put off for later. It gives the image some drama. For the bride, a romantic look is more suitable.

It is considered an unforgivable mistake to ignore the eyebrows. This will lead to an unfinished image and ruin the whole picture. First, you need to work with the eyebrow tongs to give them the perfect shape. Then, combing them with a brush, you need to paint the hairs with mascara for eyebrows or eyelashes, if there is no special one. The eyebrows should be slightly darker in color than the hair, but not in the color of the shadows. The ideal option is to color the eyebrows in advance with a permanent color.

When the eyes and eyebrows are painted, it is necessary to apply the blush with light movements to the protruding part of the cheekbones with a large brush. Those shades that are in harmony with skin color are suitable. Only brick and brown should be avoided so that the makeup does not take on a make-up look for a business meeting.

Then you need to apply lipstick. The tone of the lipstick should not be out of the range of colors of the make-up, but be a natural shade. Only a meticulous selection by trial and error will do here. When the desired tone is finally selected, you should carefully apply the lipstick with a small brush, it is better to do without lip liner, excessive theatricality is useless. A great option is gloss lipstick. You can apply it without a brush, but immediately from a tube. Its advantage over other types of lipsticks is that it simultaneously gives the lips a rich color and covers them with gloss. And it will be easier to fix such makeup during the celebration.

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