❶ Kim Kardashian Doll Makeup

❶ Kim Kardashian Doll Makeup
❶ Kim Kardashian Doll Makeup

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Kim Kardashian doll makeup
Kim Kardashian doll makeup

Who doesn't know Kim Kardashian? Today she is a famous reality TV star, glamorous socialite and fashion model, whose life and style are watched by thousands of fans and fans. Despite the fact that Kim has a lot of work, this celebrity always appears only in carefully chosen clothes and spectacular makeup. One of her makeup artists is Troy Jensen. It was he who created her doll make-up for filming in an advertisement for Famous Cupcakes. Location: Location:

If you want to replicate Kim's look, try this makeup yourself.

To do this, first apply a cream with reflective particles and a drop of concealer to your face to hide the bruises under your eyes. Make sure your skin looks perfect, so don't forget to include foundation and powder to remove shine. For Kim's makeup, she used Chanel powder one tone lighter than her skin.

Apply pink blush to the cheekbones. It is they who, to a large extent, give the make-up "doll-like".

Then tint the eyebrows with a brown pencil to give them expression. Under the arch of the eyebrow, paint over with a white liner.

Apply a calm brown shade to the moving eyelid, and highlight the corner of the eye with beige glittering shadows. The beige color will add elegance to your makeup.

To highlight your eyes, stick on tufts of false eyelashes, or use a good volumizing and curling mascara. Outline the eyes with black liquid eyeliner.

The finishing touch is pink lipstick. On the lips of Kim - Chanel, you can choose any lipstick in a pale pink color, and on top of it apply a transparent gloss to make your lips more plump.

Your makeup should look girly and fresh, and your perfect skin and big expressive eyes should resemble dolls. As you can see, Kim's makeup is easy to repeat on your own and at the same time look amazing like this star.

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