❶ Evening Manicure

❶ Evening Manicure
❶ Evening Manicure

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Evening manicure
Evening manicure

It is not for nothing that nail design is called "nail art", because it is indeed art that allows you to bring to life the most daring ideas. You can endlessly experiment with nail polishes of various colors, jewelry, rhinestones, sparkles. And an evening or festive manicure is truly a triumph of fantasy. Location: Location:

In an evening manicure, everything should be perfect: moisturized and even cuticles, perfect nail shape, soft and radiant hand skin. As for the nail polish, its choice is unlimited. The main thing is that the color scheme and design of the picture are in harmony with the general style. If you do not have the opportunity to visit a salon or invite a master to your home, you can do your own manicure.

Monochromatic varnish of red, burgundy, plum or chocolate color always looks noble, because this is a classic. The layers of varnish should be applied evenly, and the nail plate should be painted over carefully, not a single extra drop should get on the skin around the nail. Use a manicure corrector to polish your nails.

To create an original and memorable manicure, the easiest way is to use ready-made stencils and stickers. They are easy to use, save time, and allow you to exactly repeat the same pattern on each nail. Ornament and lace in many cases help create a stylish manicure. The transparent base of the sticker makes it possible to use it on varnish of any color. Cover your nail with a layer of clear polish to secure the decal.

Quite interesting combinations can be achieved with the help of varnishes of several colors. Straight vertical, zigzag, or diagonal lines can look stern or playful - it all depends on which colors you choose. To keep the stripes even, you can use regular stationery tape as a stencil. Try sticking the tape on a clean nail plate for a few minutes first - it is important to make sure that no excess glue remains on the nail after removing it.

Abstract patterns and softer pattern lines are obtained when varnishes are mixed directly on the nail plate. Apply varnish, which will serve as a background, immediately apply stripes or drops of varnish of a different color on top. Until the varnishes begin to harden, use a pin, a toothpick or a thin awl to mix them or draw patterns - intersecting strokes, artistic "smudges", flower petals. Small details or contours can then be drawn with an ordinary gel pen or a thin brush when the varnish dries. For a finished look, apply a layer of clear polish on top.

Decorative elements can be glued to the nail using a colorless varnish. To stick the decor, dip the tip of a toothpick into the varnish, then pick up a rhinestone or other element with it, place it on the nail plate and "immerse it" a little. Whichever way you create your evening manicure, remember moderation and general rules for combining colors.

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