❶ How To Paint The Upper Eyelid

❶ How To Paint The Upper Eyelid
❶ How To Paint The Upper Eyelid

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How to paint the upper eyelid
How to paint the upper eyelid

Eyes often play a key role in the image of a woman. Therefore, great attention is always paid to their makeup. With its help, you can correct the shape of the eyes, make them more noticeable and expressive. In this case, the greatest role in this is played by the makeup of the upper eyelid. Location: Location: Any makeup is applied to clean, moisturized skin. This also applies to the eyes. Apply your usual moisturizer around them and wait a few minutes for it to absorb.

Apply dry, crumbly shadows with a brush or applicator. They can be applied with a damp applicator for a brighter and more saturated color. Cream shadows are applied mainly with fingers. This makes it easier to distribute them over the surface of the eyelid.

To make the shadow last as long as possible, not crumble or blur, apply a base under the shadow on the entire upper eyelid. Some neutral cream shades can also play a role. As well as the base, they will hide minor imperfections, such as redness, protruding blood vessels.

Then you can go in two ways. Apply shadow first, then eyeliner, or you can first highlight the upper eyelid with a pencil. In this case, the line will be less clear, and the makeup will be more delicate. To keep the line sharp, do it not with a pencil, but with a liquid eyeliner, which should be used after the shadows are applied. The eyeliner line should go strictly along the lash line. To bring the upper eyelid down, draw a line towards the outer corner of the eye. To make the eyes more expressive, extend it slightly beyond the border of the upper eyelid.

Select the lightest as the base shade of the eyeshadow. When doing this, consider your color type and time of day. For daytime makeup, matte shades are suitable, but in the evening you can use any shiny and pearlescent colors. The selected base color is applied to the entire upper eyelid up to the crease or even up to the brow.

Darker and brighter shadows will visually change the size and shape of the eyes. They should be applied in those places to which attention should be drawn. For small eyes, apply them so that you get an inverted V, where the top of the letter is the outer corner of the eye, and its branches are located along the eyelash line and on the crease of the upper eyelid. Dark shadows should be carefully shaded so that the line between light and dark shades is not visible. In some cases, the crease of the upper eyelid may be highlighted with brighter shadows, and the outer corner of the eye with darker shades.

Of course, you shouldn't forget about mascara. Paint your eyelashes thoroughly from root to tip. Apply multiple coats of mascara and curl as needed.

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