❶ 8 Myths About Hair Health

❶ 8 Myths About Hair Health
❶ 8 Myths About Hair Health

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Video: A Hair Scientist Debunks 6 Common Myths About Hair 2023, January
8 myths about hair health
8 myths about hair health

Most of the myths about hair care seem so true to us that we don't even have the thought to question them. However, improper hair care can negatively affect hair health and beauty. Location: Location:

Myth # 1: "The more often hair is cut, the faster it will grow."

In fact, hair grows only at the roots and the only thing that can accelerate its growth is the use of special foods and vitamins. However, hair health experts recommend trimming the ends once every 2 weeks to prevent unhealthy splitting.

Myth # 2: "When shampooing, the hair must be massaged along its entire length."

In no case should it be applied against hair growth, and even more so rubbing hair detergents into the scalp. This can disrupt the natural position of the scales and make the hair look dull and weak.

Myth # 3: "Hair shampoo must foam."

A large amount of foam is not an indicator of a good shampoo. On the other hand, shampoos made from natural ingredients do not produce much lather.

Myth # 4: "Dull hair needs a nourishing mask, not a change in diet."

Vitamins and nutrients contained in hair care cosmetics only affect the surface of the hair. Therefore, in order for the hair to be healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to provide yourself with a balanced and proper diet rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, proteins, sulfur and keratin.

Myth # 5: "Gray hair begins to appear at the same age as the parents."

In fact, heredity has little effect on the appearance of gray hair. Stress, lack of vitamins, improper lifestyle and bad habits are the main problems of the appearance of gray hair.

Myth # 6: "Oily hair doesn't need moisture."

Many people are mistaken in thinking that oily hair is covered with a protective oily film and does not require additional moisture. In fact, oily hair at the roots is very heavily loaded with sebaceous secretions, and at the ends it is very dry. Therefore, oily hair is in great need of regular hydration.

Myth # 7: "Loss of more than 20 hairs a day is a serious cause for concern."

The daily rate of hair loss is individual for each person. It is necessary to see a doctor only if profuse hair loss continues for more than 3 months in a row.

Myth # 8: "Hair dyes are more harmful than tint shampoos."

All hair coloring products contain harmful ingredients. Due to the fact that tint shampoos are quickly washed off, you have to use them more often, which is no less harmful than using paint.

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