❶ How To Treat Split Ends

❶ How To Treat Split Ends
❶ How To Treat Split Ends

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How to treat split ends
How to treat split ends

Beautiful hair always attracts attention. But getting healthy-looking hair isn't easy. For example, split ends can be a very unpleasant surprise, despite all the tricks and cosmetic procedures of the owner of stunning hair. How to deal with split ends, and can they be prevented? Location: Location:

Hair is called split ends because the ends are split, broken off and look thinner and dull. Especially hair begins to exfoliate when it grows over 30 cm in length. This condition is provoked by numerous external factors.

The ends of the hair are simply not being nourished properly. Under the influence of a hair dryer, varnishes and other aggressive agents, the protective layer of the ends weakens. This leads to a disruption in the structure of the hair itself, the cortical layer and the medulla, which means that the horny scales gradually move away, as if "loosening," and no longer attach to the hair trunk, creating the effect of multiple hair ends. By the way, diseased hair can be cut not only at the ends, but also along the entire length. The damage to the ends of split ends can reach 2-4 cm, they look thinner and much lighter than the rest of the hair.

The reasons for split ends are commonplace: frequent perm, dyeing, blow-drying, alkaline detergents, combing, complex hairstyles, styling products, sunburn, frequent brushing. All this provokes overdrying of the hair.

To cure and prevent split ends, first of all get (preferably at the pharmacy) medicated restorative shampoos with lecithin, vitamin B5, chamomile extract, lime blossom, mint, wheat germ. Use only wooden brushes and wide-toothed combs.

Apply to the ends of the hair a special protective cream or conditioner designed specifically for split ends. This cream or liquid will cover the hairs with a protective film and at the same time nourish them, and also fill in the breaks and cracks in the ends.

You can also use folk remedies for split ends: wash your hair with beer, rub a chicken egg into the ends, strengthen with henna.

Hair protection is also provided by weekly olive oil scalp masks, which should be applied 30 minutes before the main wash.

And the most effective remedy is to periodically cut the ends of the hair, especially if they have already begun to split. This should be done every 6-10 weeks, with very long hair cut every month. Try to do this in a hairdressing salon with special hot scissors, which, as it were, "seal" the ends of the hair from the section.

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