❶ Beauty Recipes From Oksana Fedorova

❶ Beauty Recipes From Oksana Fedorova
❶ Beauty Recipes From Oksana Fedorova

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Beauty recipes from Oksana Fedorova
Beauty recipes from Oksana Fedorova

To always look young and attractive, it is not at all necessary to spend considerable sums in beauty salons. The world-renowned Russian beauty Oksana Fedorova is absolutely sure of this. The famous TV presenter always has several proven beauty secrets in service. Location: Location:

Oksana recommends starting every morning with a contrast shower, during which it is advisable to massage the body with a rubber massage brush. As a result of this procedure, not only the skin is strengthened and toned, but also the work of the vascular system is improved, the whole body "wakes up". After a shower, be sure to apply a moisturizer or body lotion to slightly dried skin.

Oksana boasts thick, well-groomed hair. In order for the hair to grow well and look healthy, the beauty recommends regularly doing a light head massage, and then applying special nourishing masks to the hair. At home, you can make a simple but very effective hair mask. It is enough to mix one egg yolk, some honey and olive oil, and apply the resulting mixture to the scalp and hair.

Oksana cannot imagine her life without a regular visit to the bathhouse. After the steam room, the body is freed from accumulated toxins and toxins, and the head - from problems and negative thoughts. The girl advises to actively use a broom in the steam room, and then be sure to plunge into cold water. Traditionally, after the bath, Oksana slowly sips healthy herbal teas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Keeping track of your physical shape for Oksana Fedorova is not a big problem. She does not adhere to any particular diet, but simply made it a good habit to adhere to simple rules of a healthy diet. The girl advises not to abuse confectionery and flour products, not to eat "heavy" food after 18:00 and to drink about two liters of purified water a day.

No matter how late Oksana returns home, she will never go to bed without first cleaning her face from cosmetics. But the beauty recommends applying a moisturizing or nourishing night cream a couple of hours before going to bed: during this time the cream will have time to be absorbed, and the next morning the skin will not look swollen.

Before going out, Oksana recommends making contrasting compresses for the skin of the face. Such a procedure is simple, but, nevertheless, very effective: it is enough just to alternately wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in hot and cold water, respectively. After the procedure, Oksana advises to apply the cream, lie down comfortably, raising your legs above the level of your head, and drink a cup of aromatic green tea with lemon. Literally after half an hour of such a rest, you are irresistible and ready to conquer the whole world.

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