❶ How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes

❶ How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes
❶ How To Paint Eyes For Brunettes

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How to paint eyes for brunettes
How to paint eyes for brunettes

Outrageous features, sultry fever of bitchiness, captivating eyes, combined with a bright appearance, presented by nature itself, distinguish brunettes from many other women. And the central link in the image of any of them is, of course, the eyes, so they should be painted correctly. Location: Location: To visually enlarge the eyes, apply shades of light shades to the area of ​​the eyelids and under the eyebrows: beige, silver, cream or white. Shade the lower and upper eyelids with a contour pencil, slightly stepping back from the ciliary edge. Shade the drawn line a little.

For brunettes with fair skin and blue eyes, use gray, purple or blue eyeshadow, black or dark blue mascara and black eyebrow pencil for makeup.

If you have dark skin, use eye shadow, black mascara, and black eyebrow pencil to apply makeup. Underline the eye contour with a pencil or pearlescent shadows. This will make your eyes more expressive.

Blending different shades of shadows on top of each other will help bring out the brightness and expression of dark eyes. It is recommended for brown-eyed beauties to use shades of yellow-brown colors for applying makeup.

If you are a brunette with green eyes, use warm bronze or greenish shadows and brown mascara to apply makeup. Avoid intense colors when choosing an eyeliner.

For brunettes with wide-set eyes, it is recommended to draw the contours of their inner corners. But you don't need to draw the outer corners. On the inside of the eyes, apply shadows in dark shades and gently blend them upwards, towards the eyebrow line.

And if you have close-set eyes, shade their section with a contour pencil. Start drawing a line from the middle of the lower and upper eyelids, following to the outer corners of the eyes. Paint the inner corners with light shadows, and starting from the middle of the eyelids, use shadows in dark tones.

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