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❶ Flat Stomach
❶ Flat Stomach

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Slim stomach
Slim stomach

A thin, so often called aspen, waist and a flat stomach are integral components of beauty and an ideal figure. Very often, for many reasons, the waist becomes the most problematic place for those who want to lose weight. But getting a flat stomach is quite simple, the main thing is to know how to most effectively go to the goal. Location: Location: The abdomen often seems to be bulky and large, not because of the amount of accumulated fat, but because of the slagged internal digestive organs, as well as the malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The stomach and intestines are most often simply distended, and therefore the stomach seems to protrude. Therefore, the first step towards a flat stomach should be cleansing the body. The intestines can be cleansed with enemas, taking special medications, and a special diet. The best thing,if you are advised by a specialist doctor, but there are some ways to help your intestines clear. For example, you can eat a special salad of cabbage, apples, carrots every day on an empty stomach. It is advisable not to season the salad with anything, do not add salt or spices. Eating bran and wholemeal bread regularly will help keep your intestines in shape as they act as a scrub.

In detoxifying the body, drinking enough water is essential. About 1.5 - 2 liters (depending on body size) of water per day should be your rule. In addition to ensuring a timely metabolism in the cells of the body and a fast metabolism, the body needs moisture in order to control the feeling of hunger. Do not be surprised if, after a glass of water, the feeling of hunger seems to dull - this means that the brain passed off the usual dehydration for hunger. So drink plenty of fluids and avoid overeating.

In order for digestion to take place easily and all the absorbed substances are distributed throughout the body as needed, and not settle at the waist, you need to develop the rhythm of the digestive system. And this is the obligatory hearty breakfast, nutritious lunch and very light dinner. Overeating at night is a direct way to a bulky stomach, toxins and indigestion. After all, the stomach is unable to cope with such a load while the rest of the body is sleeping, and sends food further simply undigested and unprocessed.

So, you figured out the nutrition. Also, in order for the stomach to be flat, general physical activity is necessary, namely aerobic exercise. Without them, extra pounds and fat are unlikely to go away - and even a perfectly pumped up and toned belly will not be visible. Swimming, running, dancing - all this will help you keep yourself in good shape.

Back muscles and correct posture are essential for a flat stomach, so be sure to stop slouching. It is also worth pumping the abs, however, without being particularly carried away - sometimes the pumped side muscles can hide the waist! To strengthen the abdominal muscles, it is useful to consume citrus fruits, as they contain a lot of vitamin C, which are responsible for strong muscles and healthy joints.

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