❶ Forest Strawberry: Instructions For Use

❶ Forest Strawberry: Instructions For Use
❶ Forest Strawberry: Instructions For Use

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Forest strawberry: instructions for use
Forest strawberry: instructions for use

Wild strawberry is one of those plants that can be used in its entirety, from roots to fruits. Moreover, strawberries are absolutely harmless. The only serious contraindication to use can only be an allergic reaction. It should be noted that allergy to strawberries is much less common than to its cultural variety (Victoria). Location: Location:

To use wild strawberries, it is necessary to prepare it correctly and on time. So, rhizomes are harvested in early spring or late autumn, leaves - during flowering (May-June), fruits - as they ripen (June-July), while berries must be picked in the morning, after the dew has melted, or in the evening, before the onset of dew, it is not recommended to pluck the fruits in the heat - such berries deteriorate faster. Thus, all parts of the plant are collected when the concentration of useful substances in them is maximum.

The collected material must then be properly stored. As a rule, for therapeutic use, it is dried in the shade, while the room should be well ventilated. Rhizomes are considered dried if they crunch when breaking, leaves - if their petioles break rather than bend. The fruits should become free-flowing and not stick together into a single mass, therefore they are often dried in the oven at a temperature of 50-60 degrees. The prepared raw materials retain their medicinal properties for two years.

An infusion of strawberry rhizomes is used for kidney and liver stones, as it has a lactogenic and fixing effect, as well as for tuberculosis and atherosclerosis. A decoction and infusion of the leaves is used for colds, diabetes mellitus as a mild sedative. Infusion of dried fruits is used for hypertensive and peptic ulcer diseases, as a general tonic.

This tool is used simply - the dried parts of the plant are poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for twenty minutes, after which the finished broth is applied inside. For enemas for hemorrhoids, an infusion of strawberry leaves is used, an infusion of a mixture of leaves and berries is used as a diuretic, in the treatment of kidney and liver stones, with uterine bleeding. Strawberry leaf tea is excellent for metabolic disorders.

Freshly mashed berries can be used as a whitening mask, a few berries before meals as an appetite stimulant. Strawberries can be taken without dosage, they have anthelmintic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

And, of course, in addition to using wild strawberries as a remedy, you need to remember that this is just a delicious berry. It is useful and pleasant to just eat, you can cook jelly, jam and even make a light summer soup from it. Well, the most famous, but no less good way of harvesting and eating wild strawberries is jam, which will fill the house with summer aromas in winter.

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