❶ How To Grow Healthy Hair

❶ How To Grow Healthy Hair
❶ How To Grow Healthy Hair

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How to grow healthy hair
How to grow healthy hair

Healthy, strong, shiny hair is admirable. And it makes no difference whether you wear a short haircut or you have long curls. If you, in a fit of despair, decide to cut your hair at the root in order to grow new, strong and well-groomed hair, then this decisive step alone will not be enough. You will have to follow certain rules so that your hairstyle will attract numerous admiring glances in a few months. Location: Location: Eat a balanced diet

Hair is more than 90% composed of various protein substances. Without going deep into chemical formulas, just remember that with a lack of protein, the body simply cannot "grow" hair. Eat meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and beans daily. Remember that the rest of your hair is water, so drink plenty of it. Only clean water is considered - juices, coffee, various soft drinks and energy drinks will not help your hair.

Include foods rich in iron and zinc in your diet. Iron helps the body metabolize protein and provide oxygen to cells. Zinc affects cell growth and repair. In addition to the already listed nuts, meat and beans, soy products and various seeds, including pumpkin or sunflower seeds, are rich in these trace elements. Do not avoid healthy fats - they are essential for the absorption of vitamins. Make sure you have enough vitamin C in your diet, without it, hair can become dry, brittle and weak, as it helps to produce collagen. Lack of B vitamins can also lead to hair loss.

Stress is the enemy of hair

Both physical and emotional stress are not good for hair growth. In severe cases, stress can even lead to baldness. Constant fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, and regular lack of sleep lead to physical stress, when the body goes into survival mode and is ready to spend all its energy only on maintaining vital functions. Psychoemotional stress can also be the reason for the slowdown in hair growth and loss. Increased anxiety, constant conflicts in the family or at work, dissatisfaction with the life situation can cause many diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity, allergies, what can we say about hair. Even Hippocrates stated: "Despondency, longing, fear and anger destroy the body." Exercise, get enough sleep, watch your diet, avoid conflict situations,try to keep yourself in a good mood, and if it doesn't work out, seek help from professional psychologists.

Monitor your health

There are a number of conditions that are symptomatic of slow hair growth or poor hair condition. If you follow all the above recommendations, but do not see the result, go through the examination. Fungal diseases of the scalp can also lead to hair loss. Dull hair and weakened hair can be caused by drugs. For example, birth control pills, drugs for depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, to stimulate heart activity. Ask your doctor for a replacement medication if you think it is the cause of your hair.

Don't injure your hair

Frequent dyeing, perming, using straightening and curling irons, hot air dryers - all this disrupts the structure of the hair and follicle, which leads to injured, brittle hair easily falling out. Use only mild professional color, skip perms, dry your hair naturally and you will feel the difference.

Nourish your hair directly

Use a hair mask that suits your type. Apply mineral oils to clean hair to prevent damage and moisture loss. Use coconut oil for your hair as it is most effective. Massage oil-based vitamin E into your scalp, massage itself promotes blood flow, and vitamin E is good for the hair follicles.

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