❶ Shining Eyes - Decoration Of Any Girl

❶ Shining Eyes - Decoration Of Any Girl
❶ Shining Eyes - Decoration Of Any Girl

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Shining eyes are the decoration of any girl
Shining eyes are the decoration of any girl

The eyes are the most attractive part of the face. It is on them that the emphasis is usually placed in makeup, it is in the eyes that men fall in love. But the beauty of the eyes is impossible without their radiance. Location: Location: Be calm and optimistic. It's not for nothing that they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. They can glow with anger and greed. But this will not be an indicator of beauty. Create an inner mood. Love yourself, love the world you live in. Do not get angry over trifles, think more often about the good. All this will be visible from your gaze. And your eyes will begin to glow with happiness.

Get enough sleep. What beauty of the eyes can we talk about when the eyelids are swollen, under them - bruises and bags? Sleep regularly, at least 7-8 hours a day. Then you will always remain beautiful and your eyes will be shining.

Take care of your eye health. Conjunctivitis, redness will not brighten your look. Do not sit at the computer for a long time, do exercises to relax your eyes. Even frequent blinking for a minute will give your eyes a rest.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then provide them with a decent frame. From the age of 25, start using anti-wrinkle products. Remember that the skin around the eyes is very delicate. Never stretch it while applying a concealer or foundation - the movements should be patting. Do not pull on your eyelid when removing makeup.

Eye makeup will make them shine. For example, a white pencil applied to the inner eyelid will open the eyes and hide the redness. And if the corrector under the eyes is with reflective particles, then the eyes will definitely shine.

Apply shadows wisely. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with a light shade, apply a dark one to the outer. Cover the movable eyelid with a medium tone, and put a light highlight in about the middle - it will give your eyes a shine.

Don't forget about mascara. After all, long, thick, dark eyelashes will draw attention to your eyes. Determine which effect you need more - length or volume, and purchase the appropriate mascara. For special occasions, you can use false eyelashes. They will make your look unusually charming and attractive.

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