❶ Day Makeup For Brown-haired Woman

❶ Day Makeup For Brown-haired Woman
❶ Day Makeup For Brown-haired Woman

Video: ❶ Day Makeup For Brown-haired Woman

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Day makeup for brown-haired woman
Day makeup for brown-haired woman

Make-up helps a woman to highlight her dignity and hide her appearance flaws. It is enough to make light strokes with the help of make-up tools to transform and attract the eyes of others with your beauty. Location: Location: Perfect makeup starts with the right tone and the right tone. In order for the foundation to lie flat on the skin, at least once a week, do a light face exfoliation. You can use a commercial face scrub or use natural masks that are easy to make at home.

Apply the tone to the skin, thereby making the complexion smoother and the features a little softer. Choose a foundation that is one tone lighter than your natural skin tone. If you use too light a tone, your face will look sore.

Correct the cheekbones with a tan blush. Do not apply blush too intensely, because the face has an unnatural "theatrical" look. Above your cheekbones, you can lightly apply a highlighter, which will give your face a radiance and create a beautifully defined cheekbones effect.

We outline the outline of the upper eyelid with a soft black pencil and blend the line towards the tips of the eyelashes. Then we apply gray or brown shadows over this line. Using a brush, blend the eyeshadow up to the crease of the upper eyelid.

With a thin brush and the same shadows, carefully draw the outline of the lower eyelid. Apply a light pearlescent shadow under the brow and inner corners of the eyes.

Paint your eyelashes in two layers. If you want natural looking lashes, apply a second coat of mascara immediately after the first. For a false eyelash effect, apply the second layer of mascara some time after the first layer is applied.

Finish off with lip gloss or a warm shade of lipstick. To visually add volume to your lips, use your finger to blend the lipstick to the borders of the lips, as if gently lubricating these borders. On the middle of the lips, you can apply a little sheer or light gloss to give them extra volume.

Never use too bright colors of makeup products for daytime makeup. In daylight, they will look pretentious and defiant on the face, leave them for evening makeup.

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