❶ Special Care For Colored Hair

❶ Special Care For Colored Hair
❶ Special Care For Colored Hair

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Special care for colored hair
Special care for colored hair

Immediately after dyeing, the hair becomes rich in color, shine and silkiness. However, after another week, they become faded, dry, naughty. And this is quite predictable, because the effect of harmful substances present in the paint damages the hair structure. But this can be prevented by taking care of dyed hair in a special way. Location: Location: Any hair dye contains harmful substances that damage the structure of the hair shaft. It is because of this that the strands quickly fade, become dry and brittle. This can only be prevented by skillful hair care, which includes 2-3 simple procedures. After them, the color and shine can be preserved until the next staining.

Washing colored hair

After coloring, the hair becomes shiny, silky, elastic. But this is also due to the air conditioner that is attached to the paint. It softens the keratin scales of the hair and makes them fit snugly together. But in order for the strands to always look healthy and not lose color, you should use special shampoos and balms for washing.

Rinsing colored hair

Each washing of hair, even with specialized shampoos, still gradually takes off color, and earlier than the next staining is required. But if you rinse them with decoctions of herbs, you can keep the same shade until next time. For dark hair, infusion of black granulated tea and oak bark is suitable. For light hair - a decoction of chamomile, for a copper shade - a decoction of onion peel. It is enough to immerse the washed hair in a bucket with infusion and then rinse it along the entire length.

Masks for colored hair

Any dye dries out the hair, so care for them must necessarily include warm oil masks with carrot juice. They not only soften the strands and saturate them with many useful substances, but also give the hair a beautiful shade, and this is due to the coloring pigment present in carrots - carotene.

Any unrefined vegetable oil, heated, but not on fire, is suitable for preparing the mask. The ingredients are taken in equal amounts. For an average length, 4 tablespoons are enough. oil and juice. You can also add a solution of vitamins A and E from 3-4 capsules. The mixture is applied to dry hair from roots to ends, after which an oilcloth hat is put on, and a woolen hat on top of it. After 30 minutes, the hair is washed with water, shampoo, softened with a balm and rinsed with a decoction of herbs.

Egg masks are equally useful. If you add carrot juice and a little freshly brewed granulated tea to the yolk, you can saturate your hair with useful substances and retain color. Moreover, tea can be added to any mask for dark hair. For light strands, a decoction of chamomile is more suitable, and for a copper shade, a decoction of onion peel.

Caring for colored hair does not take a lot of time. All that is needed is to brew any of the recommended plants before washing your hair and prepare and apply a mask. While it produces its healing effect on the hair, the broth will cool down and be ready for use. All that remains is to rinse your hair with shampoo, then apply and rinse off the balm and finally rinse your hair with infusion. If you take care of your hair in this sequence once every 10 days, the result will surpass all expectations.

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