❶ Everything You Need To Know About Face Serums

❶ Everything You Need To Know About Face Serums
❶ Everything You Need To Know About Face Serums

Video: ❶ Everything You Need To Know About Face Serums

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Everything you need to know about face serums
Everything you need to know about face serums

Face serums are a new word in cosmetology. More recently, they have become widespread, and today they can be used not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Location: Location: The desire of women to improve their appearance and not succumb to the changes associated with age, forcing cosmetics manufacturers to invent new means for this purpose. At forty, it is quite possible to look twenty-five, you just have to actively take care of yourself and follow the new products on the market. One of them is a face serum designed to fight aging, moisturize the skin and nourish its deepest layers.

Serums differ significantly from creams, masks, toners, and lotions. They contain the highest concentration of various nutrients. Sometimes the difference reaches tens of times. That is why serums cope with their task of intensive restoration or strengthening of the skin much faster.

The difference between serum and cream lies in the fact that it is usually not a self-sufficient cosmetic product. It must be used in conjunction with a cream, mask or other skin product.

Some women are discouraged by the high price of serums, which are sold in rather small packages. But this fact has a simple explanation - the product is more concentrated than other products, therefore, the production of one bottle requires much more active substances extracted from plants or produced in laboratories.

There are several dozen varieties of serums. There are also universal ones, but narrowly focused ones are more popular. There are serums to fight acne, wrinkles, deep moisturizing or lifting, strengthening blood vessels, evening out complexion.

The action of whey is determined by the substances it contains. It is they who open access to deep layers, which are affected by moisturizing, nourishing and other elements that make up the serum itself or the cream that is used with it.

Serum use has several stages. First you need to cleanse the skin, remove makeup and impurities from its surface. Then the product itself is applied - a few drops of it are distributed over the entire face, and, if necessary, the neck with the décolleté area. It is better to do this with tapping movements that do not stretch the skin. In a few minutes, the active ingredients are absorbed and begin to take effect. After that, a cream is applied, which is better to choose from the same series as the serum. In this case, their action will be mutually complementary. The serum will enhance the effect of the cream, and the results from such a tandem will be visible after just a few applications.

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