❶ Stars Makeup Secrets

❶ Stars Makeup Secrets
❶ Stars Makeup Secrets

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Makeup secrets for stars
Makeup secrets for stars

Stars with perfect make-up look at us from the pages of glossy magazines. To look as great as they are, you need to know some of the intricacies and secrets of applying makeup. You can easily make yourself a stellar look at home. Location: Location:

If you prefer naturalness in everything, then your option is natural, but at the same time sophisticated makeup, like Gwyneth Peltrow. The naturalness of your face (or naked makeup) will speak of your self-confidence and beauty. You are beautiful on your own and you do not need to prove it with the help of bright colors and saturated colors.

To create this look, choose a foundation and powder with a translucent texture. Mask pimples with a corrector. You can use a shimmery powder to give your face a fresh and healthy look.

Do not forget about blush in natural makeup. They will give your face a fresh look. The best option for any skin tone is a peach blush applied to the cheekbones.

For eyelashes, it is better to choose brown mascara, it will visually open your eyes, but it will not look unnatural.

For lips, it is better to choose a matte lipstick in a natural shade. To correct the shape of the lips, outline them with a natural color outline. If desired, you can use a colorless gloss. With this natural makeup, you will look like a delicate, beautiful rose.

If you like bright colors, then you can recommend makeup from Gwen Stefani. The secret of her star image is that she highlights her lips with bright color and practically does not paint her eyes.

To create this look, use a light-textured foundation, transparent powder, black or brown mascara. Apply a small amount of shimmery peach blush to your cheekbones to refresh your face.

The main focus is on the lips. They will look perfect if you first coat them with a nourishing balm to smooth out fine lines. Then you should highlight the contour of the lips with a pencil so that the lipstick does not spread, and the lips have a clear shape.

It is convenient to apply the lipstick with a thin brush, so it will lie smoother. Gwen's favorite lipstick is red. You can also highlight your lips with raspberry, bronze, or cherry lipstick. Choose the shade that will complement your look as much as possible. Such bright makeup will not leave you unattended.

If you want to focus on the eyes, then your make-up option from Heidi Klum. This is a fairly popular smoky eye that makes the look mysterious, magical and bewitching.

Cover your lips with a matte lipstick in a natural shade. Heidi prefers natural beige or light peach. Highlight the upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrow with light shadows. You can apply some mother-of-pearl to these areas. Use it to highlight the inner corner of the eye - this will make your look more open.

Highlight the lash line with shades of gray. Apply a very dark shadow to the outer corner of the upper eyelid. With dark gray shadows, accentuate the lower lashes by applying them with a cotton swab. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara in several layers so that they are voluminous and long. Such makeup can break men's hearts.

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