❶ Makeup For Décolleté

❶ Makeup For  Décolleté
❶ Makeup For Décolleté

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Makeup for … décolleté
Makeup for … décolleté

The décolleté area is a fairly prominent area of ​​your body; attention is paid to it no less than to your face. Therefore, when wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, you should never forget to apply makeup in this area to look great. Location: Location:

As a rule, the biggest drawback in the décolleté area is age spots and small pimples, so they must be carefully hidden from prying eyes with the help of powder. If you have perfectly smooth skin, then perfect makeup will only highlight it. This will help you tonal and corrective cosmetics, powder, as well as the application of various masks consisting of lemon juice, parsley or cucumber. It is very important that the product you choose matches your complexion in color.

Before you start creating your makeup, put on a dress with a deep cut and, covering its upper front part with a napkin, begin to smoothly apply the powder with a brush. Do this so that a conditional line forms in the middle of the neckline, and the entire zone looks like the letter V. After that, focusing on the position of its edges, shade the powder - ideally, you should get a natural hollow.

Before choosing a powder, pay attention to your neck type. This will help you find the right shade of powder. For a very thin neck, a shade lighter than the foundation you are using is best. For a plump neck, two shades are needed - a light one is applied in the front, and a dark one on the sides.

Particular difficulties arise in women of age, because wrinkles on the neck are difficult to hide, but it is still worth trying. To do this, take a corrector and carefully mask each crack, and then blend the powder with a thin and even layer. When finished, you can sprinkle it with mineral water through a spray bottle to absorb the excess of your makeup.

Choose your brush and powder carefully. It is better to use tonal compact powder or cream powder, because they contain more of the pigments you need to hide small imperfections in the skin, and they also lie in a very thin layer and are easily absorbed without requiring waiting.

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