❶ Lunar Manicure

❶ Lunar Manicure
❶ Lunar Manicure

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Moon manicure
Moon manicure

Lunar manicure - sounds very romantic and intriguing. In fact, this is just a kind of French manicure, which, however, looks simply mesmerizing and can be suitable for any occasion. Location: Location:

The moon manicure got its name, firstly, because of the similarity of its drawing with a crescent moon, and secondly, from the name of the lower part of the nail - lunula. Another name for this nail polish is “Hollywood French”. Indeed, the moon manicure is very similar to the classic French, but the main difference is that not the tip of the nail is covered with varnish of a different color, but its base. In addition, the strip for such a manicure should be more round than that of the "French".

Such a manicure is not difficult at all to do at home. To do this, you will need varnish of different colors (better contrasting ones) and rounded stripes.

First, get your hands in order. Nails and cuticles must look perfect, otherwise all efforts will be in vain - like the "French", moon manicure looks good only on well-groomed nails.

Shape your nails with a file. It can be round or slightly pointed, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Then apply a varnish base to your nails and let dry. You can skip this point, but then the nails will not seem so smooth and even. After that, you can proceed in two ways.

First: cover your nails with the color of the varnish that will be below, on the moon, let the varnish dry. After that, place the stripes on the nails and paint the upper part of them with a different color. Let it dry again.

Second: cover the nails with a base color, take a thin manicure brush and paint with a different color crescents at the bottom of the nails.

In a moon manicure, you can endlessly experiment with color combinations and the shape of crescents. You can increase the number of stripes and colors, or you can add pictures, rhinestones or sparkles. It all depends only on your desire and the case for which you decided to try a new type of manicure. For work, it is better to choose restrained colors, but for a party you can not spare the colors and shine.

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