❶ How To Paint Eyelashes With Mascara

❶ How To Paint Eyelashes With Mascara
❶ How To Paint Eyelashes With Mascara

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How to paint eyelashes with mascara
How to paint eyelashes with mascara

Infinitely long eyelashes, eye-catching, from which no man can take his eyes off. Agree, this is the dream of any girl. Modern ladies resort to very extravagant ways to achieve this. Special paints, build-ups, etc. In fact, these are all rather dangerous and short-lived procedures. But there is a way out. It turns out that it is not so difficult to become the owner of gorgeous long and fluffy eyelashes. All you need is to use our instructions on how to properly dye your eyelashes with mascara. Location: Location: 1

Get quality mascara. Choose the right mascara color. So, for girls with brown eyes purple mascara is suitable, for owners of green eyes - green mascara, blue-eyed - blue. For fair-haired girls, gray or brown mascara is well suited. Of course, black is out of competition.

To give your lashes extra volume, gently powder them before applying mascara. But do not overdo it, if there is too much powder, then it will be very difficult for you to make up and comb your eyelashes properly.

Start dyeing your eyelashes from the middle, then move to the outer corners of the eyes, and then to the inner ones. And first the upper eyelashes are painted and only then the lower ones. The movement of the brush should be soft and straight upward to avoid clumps.

Take a few seconds break between the first and subsequent layers of mascara to allow the layers to dry.


Remove excess with a special brush or eyelash comb. It can also be used for the best distribution of the mascara. In addition, you need to "comb" the eyelashes right away, without waiting for the ink to dry.

Avoid overly colored eyelashes - it looks vulgar. But if you like very lush eyelashes, then do not paint the lower eyelid.

If you want to achieve a "natural make-up" effect, then you should only paint the roots of the eyelashes, without touching their tips.

Keep in mind that dyeing the lower lashes makes the eyes smaller. To avoid this adverse effect, you can paint the lower eyelid with a white pencil, which will visually enlarge the eyes. Also, paint well on the outer corners of the lashes, this will give your eyes an almond shape.

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