❶ How To Do The Right Makeup For A Photo

❶ How To Do The Right Makeup For A Photo
❶ How To Do The Right Makeup For A Photo

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How to do the right makeup for a photo
How to do the right makeup for a photo

Makeup for a photo shoot has several features, as often, due to the use of lighting equipment, its contrast and brightness are sharply reduced. In addition, with the usual, everyday make-up, the face in the photo can turn out to be flat. To give it structure, you also need to know some secrets of applying makeup before a photo shoot. Location: Location: In order for the cosmetics to lie better on the face, it is necessary to start preparations 3-4 days before the photo session. It is advisable to visit a beautician and do face cleansing or superficial peeling, or use a scrub at home. Eyebrow shaping is also best done 3-4 days before the photo session. Then the redness that appears will have time to disappear, and new hairs will not have time to grow.

It is recommended to apply a toning face mask and lotions for the skin around the eyes the day before shooting. Do not consume alcohol and foods high in salt.

The camera captures all skin imperfections, so special attention is paid to complexion. With the help of a concealer and foundation, all imperfections are masked. It is advisable to use a matte foundation that is denser in structure than usual. Its shade should be close to natural. In this case, you need to make sure that the border of application is not noticeable on the skin, otherwise this error will be noticeable in the photo. To prevent the face from looking flat, use several shades of the foundation. First, a lighter cream is applied, and then, with the help of a darker one, the lower part of the cheekbones and the temporal region are highlighted.

One of the basic rules: for the photos to be successful, you need to emphasize the eyebrows, eyes and lips. You can shape your eyebrows with a brush, a cosmetic pencil that is close to natural in tone and a fixing gel.

The eyes need to be made as bright and expressive as possible, as they create the whole mood of the photo. To increase them, you need to bring the upper eyelid. Make up eyelashes as thick as possible. False eyelashes look beautiful in the photo. It is better to use matte shadows, as they look brighter and there will be no unnecessary glare from the flash.

The lip contour is made as clear as possible. To do this, you first need to powder them and be sure to use a contour pencil. As a rule, for dark skin, light shades are used, and for light skin, lipstick is used darker than the natural color of the lips.

These are tips for those who decide to do their own makeup for a photo. But if you have a responsible shooting, it is better to use the services of a professional makeup artist. In this case, you will need to pay attention only to the preparatory stage. It is better to come to a makeup artist with absolutely no makeup on your face. Otherwise, you will have to spend extra time on makeup remover.

Directly for the photo session, you must definitely take matte powder and lipstick so that you can touch up your makeup.

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