❶ Beauty Secrets: How To Keep Beauty In Winter

❶ Beauty Secrets: How To Keep Beauty In Winter
❶ Beauty Secrets: How To Keep Beauty In Winter

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Beauty secrets: how to preserve beauty in winter
Beauty secrets: how to preserve beauty in winter

Winter tests feminine beauty for strength. The hair under the cap becomes lifeless, the skin of the face peels off. And there is nothing to say about the figure. Many women have winter clothes one size larger than summer clothes in their wardrobe. Are there ways to survive the winter without loss? Of course, yes. Location: Location:

Preserving beauty in winter is the dream of many women. However, the majority consider it impracticable and have resigned themselves in advance to the sacrifices that the winter cold will have to bring. Well, in vain.

Winter hair care

Bad weather, wearing a hat, dry indoor air do not in the best way affect the condition of the hair. Often after winter, their deplorable state is given by the lack of shine, increased fat content, the appearance of dandruff and split ends.

Sebum-regulating shampoos recommended for frequent use are best suited for washing hair in winter. In this case, you should try to wash your head in cool (25-30 degrees) water.

Be sure to use balms that protect hair from moisture loss. Various masks, restorative oils, serums will be a good help to the hair. At the time of cold weather, it is better to abandon the hair dryer and styling products containing alcohol.

Aroma combing will benefit hair beauty. They are done simply: a few drops of essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender or rosemary are applied to a rare comb, after which the comb is used for combing. You need to comb your hair for at least 5 minutes.

Winter skin care

The skin also suffers from winter cold, bad weather, dry air in apartments and offices. To keep it healthy, you must first of all keep it moisturized. Dry skin is inelastic and prone to damage.

For winter, you should change the wash gel to a creamy one. A light moisturizer is best left for the summer, preferring a more concentrated and thicker winter cream.

Masks will help to preserve the skin of the face, replenishing the loss of moisture in the skin. Moreover, for masks, both folk and professional means can be used.

Winter body care.

To live through the winter and not get fat is the dream of many women. A sedentary lifestyle, metabolism slowed down with cold weather, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables often do not allow to survive cold without weight gain.

Regular fasting days and going to the fitness club will help save you from winter fat. For believers, strict winter fasts will be a good help. And who said that it is impossible to combine the spiritual with the physical?

Winter is a tough time. But it is quite possible to survive the winter cold, while remaining slim, with sparkling hair and flawless skin.

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