❶ What To Do To Lose Weight Face

❶ What To Do To Lose Weight Face
❶ What To Do To Lose Weight Face

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What to do to lose weight face
What to do to lose weight face

Any woman (and a man too) wants her face to be attractive and sophisticated, without swelling, puffiness and other imperfections that do not adorn anyone. To make your face lose weight, follow these simple tips. Location: Location:

Change your diet. Raw vegetables and fruits, which have the ability to maintain the body's water balance, should always be on your table. They also contain fiber, which, in addition to its main nutritional benefits, very tones the skin. Not everyone can completely switch to a raw food diet, but for such an important goal as losing weight, you will have to eat vegetable or fruit dishes at least two to three times a day.

Eat more foods that contain calcium. There is a lot of it in fish, cheese, cottage cheese, milk. Reduce the amount of salt you eat. It only retains water, which undoubtedly affects the occurrence of edema. Eat semi-finished products, salty and smoked dishes, hot spices as little as possible.

Drink water. It is water (or green tea), not soda or coffee. The body should not accumulate excess fluid, because it will appear most quickly on the face. Avoid alcohol if possible, especially hard liquor.

Apply face masks regularly. Nourishing, moisturizing, relaxing, branded or made by hand - they saturate the skin of the face, speed up metabolic processes. They should be applied as often as possible and alternated periodically.

Do not rush to resort to surgical plastic. Lip augmentation or the elimination of a double chin, although very common operations, carry a certain risk, like any other surgical intervention.

If you have no medical contraindications, visit the bathhouse or sauna. Steam and water cleanse the pores and breathe.

Do facial massage and gymnastics regularly.

Touch the dimple between your collarbones with your chin. In this case, the hands should be closed at the back of the head. Try to raise your head by holding yourself up with your hands.

Support your chin with your fist. Lower your head with force, preventing this with your hand.

Draw in your cheeks: first one, then the other. Inflate them one at a time.

With closed teeth, pull your lower lip down

Pronounce the sounds A, Y, I, while straining your muscles as much as possible and stretching your lips strongly.

Exercise takes little time, and the result is very effective. Diet alone and restricting yourself in food is not enough. Physical training and water treatments are essential. Taking care of the beauty of your face, you can put your whole body in order and improve your health.

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