❶ How To Prepare For The Summer: 6 Treatments

❶ How To Prepare For The Summer: 6 Treatments
❶ How To Prepare For The Summer: 6 Treatments

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How to prepare for the summer: 6 treatments
How to prepare for the summer: 6 treatments

Open dresses and high-heeled sandals are a symbol of summer. However, in order to look your best in the hot season, you will have to take care of your appearance in advance. After all, in the summer, all the shortcomings become especially noticeable. Location: Location: Start preparing for the summer with proper nutrition

Extra pounds, a dull complexion, digestive problems - all these are the consequences of a wrong attitude to food. Eat plenty of vegetables, drink natural juices daily, exclude yeast baked goods from the diet. Literally in a week you will feel lightness, chronic gastritis will subside and you will get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

Get rid of cellulite

Before a summer vacation on the seaside, you need to get rid of the hated bumps on the buttocks and thighs. Get an anti-cellulite cream and use a scrub every day after a shower: mix one glass of sour cream and ½ cup of coarse salt. The skin will tighten, and the "orange peel" will slowly disappear.

A month before summer, start visiting the solarium at least once a week

Tanned skin visually looks smoother and more well-groomed. Moreover, on the beach you will not look like a "white moth" during the first days of your stay at the resort.

Moisturize your skin

Even if your skin is oily or combination type, can it flake off in summer? and inflammation can occur on it. Do you want your skin to glow and radiate health in summer? Buy a moisturizer and nourishing mask. Boil one potato in a "uniform", cool it a little, mash, mix with a little milk and apply on cleansed face and décolleté for 10 minutes.

Get a pedicure

In winter, many girls limit themselves to correcting the shape of their nails and applying colorless varnish. To get ready for the summer, you need a full pedicure. Soak an emollient foot once a week.

Sign up for yoga or fitness

To lose weight before the beach season, diet alone is not enough. Regular physical activity is required - at least three times a week. Find a set of exercises that you will enjoy doing.

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