❶ Cheeks Like Apples

❶ Cheeks Like Apples
❶ Cheeks Like Apples

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Video: Just 1 minute! How to get apple cheeks and Lift sagging cheeks to look naturally firm. (Korean Yoga) 2023, February
Cheeks like apples
Cheeks like apples

Often in makeup, girls do not pay attention to how to highlight their cheeks, and this is their mistake. Correctly selected blush of the right shade can brighten the face, give the cheeks a healthy glow and make the beauty even more natural and natural. It is necessary to apply blush on your cheeks so that your face looks healthier, your cheekbones appear taller, and your skin is protected from harmful external influences - for example, from ultraviolet radiation. Location: Location:

It's important to choose the right blush that's right for you to create a natural and attractive makeup.

When choosing a blush, you need to pay attention to their texture. If you are using blush along with powder, it is best to choose a uniform powder blush, but if you use foundation more often, a cream blush will work for you. The creamy blush texture is also well suited for those with dry skin - these products moisturize the face and become a natural part of everyday makeup. Dry blushers are versatile and can be used on any skin, while liquid blushes are best for oily skin.

It is necessary to apply blush so that they emphasize the dignity of appearance and visually correct the shape of the face. A wide face can be narrowed by applying the blush obliquely, and a narrow face can be expanded using blush laid horizontally. If your face is round, do not apply blush on the protruding parts of the face and especially on the protruding parts of the cheeks. Apply them to the most sunken areas of the face.

If the face is too long, the blush will look good on the protruding parts of the cheeks, and to soften the contours of a square face, they should be applied with a line running from the temples to the nose.

In step-by-step makeup, blush is applied to the face last, and then lipstick is applied to the lips. Natural daylight on the face is best for applying blush, and depending on the texture, use different tools - a dry blush brush, cream fingers and a wet sponge for liquids.

Using your fingers, apply the blush to your cheeks and cheekbones, patting gently over the skin, and then rub in. If you are using a dry blush brush, brush off any excess before treating your cheeks. Brush the desired areas of the face with light strokes.

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