❶ How To Extend Nails With Acrylic On Tips

❶ How To Extend Nails With Acrylic On Tips
❶ How To Extend Nails With Acrylic On Tips

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How to build nails with acrylic on tips
How to build nails with acrylic on tips

Acrylic nail extension on tips is one of the most widespread technologies. This method is very simple. It consists of several stages. Careful and rigorous implementation of some of the recommendations is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of nail extension using acrylic on tips. Location: Location: First, you need to treat your hands with an antiseptic in order to disinfect the nail surface and eliminate possible microorganisms.

Next, you need to gently push back the cuticle and correct the glossy finish of the nail using an abrasive file. That is, natural nails must be made matte and rough in order to provide better adhesion to the applied products. Then remove dust with a brush or other device.

Now you can choose tips for each nail of the required size.

Then you should rub the inner part of the tix with a curette, file off its edge adjacent to the nail, apply glue to the hole, apply it to the nail surface for a few seconds and fix it.

With a special tool, you need to remove the excess protruding part of the tips.

Next, you need to carefully wipe the nail plate with a special liquid - a primer, avoiding it getting on the cuticle. And let it dry. Each nail must be worked separately, as they dry quickly and then require additional processing.

Pour a small amount of liquid into the glass, as the acrylic evaporates unevenly. And if it stays for a long time, it will change its structure, and this is extremely undesirable.

Next, you should make a ball out of powder and acrylic, having the correct consistency in order to avoid yellowing of the extended nail at the base. This monomer requires very little to prevent its proportional content from exceeding the rest of the components.

Then you need to quickly and carefully build up the acrylic, controlling its spread over the entire surface of the nail. If the substance leaks under the cuticle, it can cause the build-up texture to peel off. This procedure should be done very quickly.

Then, with a file or a milling machine, remove the excess thickness of the nail, smooth out irregularities and roughness.

After that, treat the nail plate with buff or polishing.

Now you need to apply a thin layer of topcoat that has a dense consistency, due to which the nail becomes "sealed". If acrylic gets on the cuticle, it must be removed immediately before it hardens. It is very important to ensure that the nail rolls and the free edge of the nail are not "sealed".

And finally, cuticle oil should be applied to the nail.

If you strictly adhere to all the above rules and stages, then the nails extended with acrylic on tips will delight their owner for a long time.

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