❶ How To Dry Faster Nail Polish

❶ How To Dry Faster Nail Polish
❶ How To Dry Faster Nail Polish

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How to dry faster nail polish
How to dry faster nail polish

Having painted their nails, many girls and women are wondering how to dry it as soon as possible and not ruin the manicure, especially if they are in a hurry somewhere. After all, when you notice that the varnish on any of your nails has worn off or smeared, it starts to annoy. Location: Location: Of course, there are already quite a few quick-drying varnishes these days that are not that expensive. But sometimes even the most expensive and well-known brands of nail polishes do not provide fast drying on their own. To quickly dry the varnish on the nails, you do not need to resort to special procedures, it is enough to use improvised means, all this can be done without even leaving home.

The first way, perhaps, will be to control the excess amount of varnish - do not forget to remove the excess layers of varnish from the brush before applying to the nail.

If you like more saturated colors and apply several layers of varnish on the nail, then it is advisable to stand for a minute or two between layers. This way, you can also achieve faster drying of the varnish on the nails. Also, the varnish should be applied to washed (degreased) and dried nails.

If, before you are going to apply the varnish on your nails, put it in the refrigerator or outside the window (if it is cold outside), then the varnish in the cold state will also dry faster on the nails.

There is another similar method, but in this case, the varnish must be applied over the entire surface of the nail correctly and without gaps. After applying nail polish, slowly dip your fingers into a container of cold water and small pieces of ice for about 3 to 5 minutes.

If your hair dryer has a cold blower function, then it can also do a good job in this matter. Turn on the hair dryer in cold mode and blow the painted nails until completely dry. And remember: hot air will break the structure of the nail polish, and it can quickly crack.

Another striking method would be oil, olive or any vegetable. After slightly drying the varnish on the nails (but not completely), grease the surface of each nail with oil. After holding for about 5 minutes, you can remove the applied oil with a stream of cold water, and the varnish will quickly dry.

And the last effective method can be exposure of nails under an ultraviolet lamp and professional products designed specifically for quick drying of varnish. In this case, the varnish will dry very quickly and evenly.

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