❶ Neck Massage: Dry And Wet Method

❶ Neck Massage: Dry And Wet Method
❶ Neck Massage: Dry And Wet Method

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Neck massage: dry and wet method
Neck massage: dry and wet method

It's common knowledge that the neck can give away your age. Indeed, the older a woman becomes, the more noticeably her age is reflected not only on her face, but also on her neck, so it is advisable to pay more attention to her care. Location: Location:

Simple Neck Care Techniques

It is well known that, first of all, violations of the correct oval of the face become noticeable, since the tissues of the chin region lose elasticity.

A simple but effective procedure: regularly, applying a nourishing cream, with your hand (back side), actively pat the chin region in the directions from the middle of the neck up to the auricles. You can use a terry towel soaked in cold water, folded in several layers.

While showering, make the jet harder and direct it from different directions to your neck.

Massage with a piece of ice is effective, wrap it in a piece of soft tissue (so that after the procedure there is no redness on the skin) and massage your neck and chin with it for about 30 seconds.

Apply a neck compress. Before taking water treatments, rub some nourishing cream into the skin on the neck and wrap it with a damp towel soaked in warm water.

Wet and dry neck massage methods

To get a more intense effect, engage in self-massage. The duration of the neck massage can take from 3 to 10 minutes.

There are several ways of self-massage of the neck: stroking, kneading and rubbing, stroking and vibration, as well as acupressure, popular nowadays.

Wet neck massage should be performed before applying the nourishing cream, in order to cleanse the skin - remove dead skin cells and intensify the regeneration processes.

Before starting the session, the skin needs to be steamed a little (it is best to lie down in the bathroom). You can massage with your hand, putting on a massage glove, or with a brush with delicate bristles. Apply a soap solution containing cream to the item chosen for the massage. Massage your neck in a relaxed, gentle circular motion, still maintaining the direction from bottom to top. Add a forearm massage at the base of the neck, across the back.

You need to massage your chin every morning using a terry towel. Wring out a wet towel and pull it tighter horizontally under your chin with both hands. Relax your arms (the towel will sag slightly) and pull sharply again. Get a light cotton to the chin. Repeat several times.

Perform dry massage with warm dry hands, before that, be sure to apply a nourishing cream. As a result of this massage, skin pores will open and metabolism will be activated.

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