❶ Bergamot In Perfumery And Cosmetology

❶ Bergamot In Perfumery And Cosmetology
❶ Bergamot In Perfumery And Cosmetology

Video: ❶ Bergamot In Perfumery And Cosmetology

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Bergamot in perfumery and cosmetology
Bergamot in perfumery and cosmetology

Bergamot belongs to the citrus family and has a huge list of positive qualities. It is widely used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology, perfumery and other industries, and its beneficial qualities can treat some skin diseases, infectious diseases and nervous disorders. Location: Location:

Bergamot is used in cosmetology as an antiseptic and astringent. As a rule, beauticians use bergamot oil. It can be used to successfully treat acne, various infectious, bacterial skin diseases, as well as abrasions, cuts and wounds.

In cosmetology, creams and lotions are made for problematic and oily skin of the face, which allow to sufficiently normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, as well as significantly narrow the pores.

Cosmetic hair care products based on bergamot oil allow you to treat dandruff, oily seborrhea, and solve hair loss problems.

On the basis of this plant, namely the oil, so-called "anti-stress" creams are made, which can restore complexion in the shortest possible time, remove traces of fatigue and skin aging. In addition, bergamot oil can successfully treat fungal skin diseases. Also bergamot oil in cosmetology is used for massage, to improve the quality and tone of the skin. It is mixed with olive oil in a 1:10 ratio.

Bergamot was first used in perfumery by the French. So they tried to give the perfume new, original and lively fragrances. Bergamot has an amazing aroma that looks very much like orange or lemon, but its aroma is not sour, but rather fragrant and sweet. When making perfumes or colognes, bergamot oil is most often combined with rosemary, neroli or orange oil: this combination allows you to achieve vigor and freshness, at the same time moderately relax and excite the human nervous system, and significantly improve mood.

Bergamot oil can also be used as aromatherapy, since it is an essential oil and an aphrodisiac, therefore it can have a positive effect on relationships with the opposite sex.

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