❶ Essential Oils: Beneficial Properties, Action, Application

❶ Essential Oils: Beneficial Properties, Action, Application
❶ Essential Oils: Beneficial Properties, Action, Application

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Essential oils: useful properties, action, application
Essential oils: useful properties, action, application

Essential oil is not just a plant-derived substance with a pleasant aroma. This is a biologically active substance that has a wide spectrum of action on the human body, since strong relationships have been established between a person and the environment, which is to a large extent the plant world, over a long period of their coexistence. The art of making fragrant mixtures, "fragrant colors", originated in ancient times. They are based on natural essential oils extracted from plants using various methods. Location: Location:

One of the areas of application of essential oils is medicine. Ancient scientists - Hippocrates, Avicenna, Plutarch - wrote about the healing effect of aromas. Aromatherapy, as one of the trends in medicine, is a combination of methods for the prevention and treatment of diseases using scents that have many useful properties. The antiseptic properties of essential oils are due to the presence of phintocides, which, on the one hand, destroy harmful microorganisms, and on the other, have a positive effect on human immunity. This property has been used since ancient times in medicine. It is known that, with an ointment made from the resin of myrrh, the Greek warriors smeared their wounds.

Vapors of essential oils (for example, pine, eucalyptus, lemon, coriander, lavender, fir, etc.) destroy pathogenic microflora in the premises and have a preventive effect. Everyone is familiar with a folk remedy for the prevention of infectious diseases during epidemics: chopped cloves of garlic, spread out in different parts of the room.

The antiviral effect of essential oils is pronounced. The use of oils of eucalyptus, lemon, clary sage, tea tree, ginger, cloves helps to quickly cope with viral diseases (ARVI, flu, tonsillitis, etc.) and even prevent them. The fact that people living near the forest, especially coniferous ones, are less likely to get these diseases, is explained by the increased concentration in the forest air of phintocides from the essential oils of needles, which disinfect it.

Essential oils are also used to treat many other conditions. Such properties are known as accelerating the processes of regeneration and wound healing, analgesic, choleretic, diuretic, antispasmodic, stimulating the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems. Aromatherapy is closely related to a psychological factor that affects the overall resistance of the body to adverse effects. Essential oils are able to normalize the emotional state of a person exposed to stress, and therefore, to increase his adaptive capabilities.

Essential oils with excellent fragrances in strong concentration are widely used in cosmetics and perfumery. Fragrances have been used for these purposes since time immemorial. Many recipes for cosmetics, rubbing and incense using a variety of aromatic components have come down to our days from the ancient world - Egypt, Greece, Rome, the countries of the East, Kievan Rus.

Today, the use of essential oils is only increasing. Having “played enough” with synthetic substitutes for natural aromas, people have appreciated the unsurpassed advantages of natural ones, created by nature itself. Their use not only fills cosmetics with fragrance, but also has a beneficial physiological effect on the human body, communicates positive emotions, and promotes relaxation. The trend of our time has become phytocosmetics, using an arsenal of aromatherapy agents. Essential oils and plant extracts are added to soaps, shampoos, creams, lotions.

Mastering the technology for producing essential oils has made a kind of revolution in perfumery. Perfumes and aromatic balms have turned from a luxury item and the strictest secrecy into an affordable personal care product.

The use of essential oils in massage is very effective. The variety of types and the unique composition of each of them allows you to select oils for a specific situation, depending on the expected therapeutic effect. During the massage, essential oils are injected into the body by contact. They have antiseptic, skin reflex, decongestant and analgesic effects. At the same time, the effect of aromas on the body through the olfactory system occurs, and additional effects are achieved - tonic, restorative and analgesic.

Ointments and gels used for acute pain syndromes, which include essential oils from the fruits of capsicum, Scots pine, fir, and basil, are popular due to their reliable action. They are applied with light massaging movements on the skin in places where pain is localized.

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