❶ Extended Eyelashes: Pros And Cons

❶ Extended Eyelashes: Pros And Cons
❶ Extended Eyelashes: Pros And Cons

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Extended eyelashes: pros and cons
Extended eyelashes: pros and cons

Eyelash extension is not too different in technology from the procedure for gluing artificial analogs. There are two methods: eyelash attachment, when an additional eyelash of a certain size is glued to each eyelash on a special permanent glue, and beam. Location: Location: For the eyelash extension procedure, you should choose a qualified master, familiarize yourself with his work in advance, see a photo. You can read reviews on the Internet, many salons have their own sites.

If you are going to a celebration - pay attention to beam extensions. Such eyelashes do quickly, but they also fall off within a week. For a longer period, it is worth doing eyelash extensions. For those who have light eyelashes, you can pre-dye them black, so as not to use mascara after the procedure of partial or incomplete extension.

There are as many arguments in favor of building up as there are arguments against. Eyelash extension will eliminate the need to use special cosmetics. You don't need to use mascara, just use a pencil or eyeshadow and your makeup is ready. It is very convenient on vacation or on a business trip. Thick, long, voluminous eyelashes.

In the manufacture of eyelashes, only high-quality materials are used that have undergone multi-stage processing to ensure safety. Experts have removed a fiber that is identical to human hair. They also use fox, sable, mink and delicate silk.

During the procedure, odorless, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant glue is used. This product is safe even for sensitive eyes and dries instantly. The master will help you choose the appropriate length of eyelashes, their color and thickness, tell you which material is better to take and advise on a specific extension method.

The undoubted plus of extensions is that with the help of artificial eyelashes, you can change the shape of the eyes. For example, visually extend round eyes, and narrow ones visually open.

Opponents of extension believe that the glue used to glue eyelashes is toxic. At the same time, you cannot rub your eyes, use creams, you need to observe a certain sleeping position, on your back. On the side, belly - they stick together and in the morning it takes a long time to separate the eyelashes from each other.

It is worth visiting an ophthalmologist before the procedure. Eyelash extensions have a number of contraindications: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, involuntary lacrimation, inflammatory diseases of the cornea and mucous membranes, etc. Do not touch eyelashes after extension with your hands. If the skin of the eyelids is oily, rub it with lotion, otherwise the eyelashes will begin to fall off.

It is believed that extensions will help save money that is usually spent on mascara. But this is not entirely true, if you perform the procedure with a good master, do the correction on time and remove the eyelashes on time - you will spend no less money.

And finally, after eyelash extensions, many people think that theirs are getting poorer and worse. They fall out, they look unusual. But this is a purely visual effect, in fact, the native eyelashes remain the same, you just managed to get used to the artificial ones.

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